Mr Thriftys Favourite Thrifted Finds

Mr Thriftys Favourite Thrifted Finds

Okay guys, hold on to your sick buckets this shiz is about to get soppy. I love Mr Thrifty and I love, love, love that he embraces the vintage and second hand lifestyle with almost as full force as me. He doesn’t really mind poking around charity shops every weekend, or planning mini-breaks around which town has the best charity shops, if he gets to play hockey or watch cricket on a regular basis. Marriage is all about give and take folks, give and take. buhaha. First off I asked Mr Thrifty to guest blog but he said no. Boooo, right? Boooo. So instead I’m going to ask him a few questions about his favourite thrifted finds.

Me     Alreet?

Mr T  Alreet bonnie lass.

Me     Umm yeah, so do you really like charity shops and old stuff or have I just forced you into it?

Mr T  Nearly 8 years of grinding me down and I still hate it. Ha, no really, I enjoy it. I get a bit of a buzz when I find something cool or something I really like.

Me   Does it bother you that some of the people we know think it is a bit ‘skanky’ to have all of this second-hand stuff dotted around our house?

Mr T   I think both you and I make a bit of a sport out of it. We tell people where we got things and how cheap they were, partly to see their reactions. More fool them if they think free furniture is a bad thing, that money is going into my pension or beer fund.

Me   Yay beer.

Mr T  Whoo beer.

Me   So I suppose you’d better tell us about what you look for in charity shops or vintage fairs etc.

Mr T  I feel weird telling you this because I’m sure you’re aware of most of it.

Me   Yeah but this isn’t for me is it, it’s for the readers. Stop being a diva

Mr T  I mostly wear well worn jeans, vintage t-shirts or mid-century shirts but I’m quite picky about what I will or won’t buy. I don’t like anything too ornate but I like a bit of quirk or detail. I always check the back of shirts because they’re often really nice at the front but have some ugly cowboy boot tapestry on the back and well….just no. If something has a stain on it I’ll always show you because you know silly little tricks to get things out but if it’s just a bit of an ink stain then I’m not really too bothered about getting it out.

Me What are you favourite thrifted clothes finds?

Mr T I love the t-shirt in the photos you took of me. I’m not sure it qualifies as vintage but it cost me about £3 or something, the slogan is hilarious plus it just fits really well. As my collection of t-shirts grows I get a bit more snobby. I like them to be soft and with signs of age, if you’re going to buy something that looks perfect buy it from Topman and look like everyone else. I’ve also got some pretty cool jackets, you might say too many. Lots of army surplus, which I never pay more than a tenner for work jackets, school and college Letterman jackets. Most of these have a name sewn into them or a date in the case of the school Letterman jackets so I feel a bit more attached to the piece of clothing I’m wearing. It’s got history and it hasn’t gone off to landfill, I like that.

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Me Any tips for finding good thrifted mensware?

Buy things that men would have worn to do manual labour in. They’re built to last and have good and useful detail that modern day clothes tend not to have. Lots of my vintage jackets have insulated layers in the inside which you can zip out in the summer when it’s too hot to wear them. There are also dozens of concealed pockets which are hidden in such a way that you don’t like look like a member of All Saints in cargo pants. I really recommend trying things on too. I know not many men do this, I certainly didn’t before I met you but you’ll only have to go back to exchange it if it doesn’t fit and that means going shopping twice and I can’t be arsed. Bootsales seem to work better for me than charity shops for clothes, so if you’re a guy looking to get into vintage search out your local bootsales and be ready to rummage like an old biddy in a jumble sale. Bootsales are good because you can haggle and I never really feel comfortable doing that in shops unless an item is wildly over priced.

Me  What about in our flat, is there anything in particular that you like?

Mr T I really like the stuff we found on the street. You having the balls to ask people if we can have stuff that’s sitting in their garden always makes me smile. So the white bureau and grey sideboard we got for free are special. A recent favourite is the shoe cupboard in the hallway. When I saw it in the charity shop I knew it was a bit different from our usual style but once I saw the shelves inside I knew it would work somehow. With vintage and charity shop finds you have to make them work for you, they don’t just slot into your life like flat pack furniture.

Me I’m getting a bit bored of talking to you now.

Mr T Shut up.

Me You shut up.

Mr T  Why I oughta.