Most Common Hair Mistakes to Avoid

Most Common Hair Mistakes to Avoid

There are many common hair mistakes that many people make without even realizing it. Read on and we’ll help you understand what they are, and how to avoid them.

Follow Latest Trend Of Hair

It’s hard not to want to follow the latest hairstyle trends. If your favorite celebrities are sporting the latest style, it’s only normal to want to cut your hair that way too.

Before you chop off your hair and dye it a crazy color, first just ask yourself, “will it look good on me?” If the answer is no, then don’t do it!

Hairstyles don’t look good on everyone. Depending on the shape of your face and the texture of your hair, the style that you love on someone else could turn out completely different on you. You want a style that will work with (and compliment) your features, and enhance your natural beauty.

Cutting Your Own Hair

It seems tempting sometimes to try to trim your own hair in between haircuts. If you know what you’re doing, this can work out fine, but more often than not, it will turn out badly. One wrong snip and you’ve taken a chunk out of your hair.

Bangs may seem simple to trim, but they are probably the most obvious if you mess up. They are the first thing that people will notice. If you really feel the need to trim at home, ask for someone else’s opinion first; otherwise leave it up to the professionals.

Don’t Brush Hair Too Much

Brushing your hair too much is one of those mistakes that may seem a little weird. I mean, isn’t brushing your hair supposed to make it look shiny and healthy? That’s only partly true. Brushing does add shine to hair, but too much of it can cause it to become oily, and even worse, result in some damage.

Towel Drying Hair

Towel-drying hair When you get out of the shower, it’s only natural to want to wrap your hair up in a towel to help drain out some of the moisture. This step is fine, but once you take your hair out of the towel, that’s where the mistake usually begins.

Rubbing your hair with the towel to once again try to remove excess water can be damaging to your hair and can cause frizz. Instead, just try to blot the moisture out.

Dying Your Hair At Home

Dying your hair at home isn’t necessarily a bad thing; you just need to be smart about it. You first and foremost need to know what you’re doing.

The first major mistake people make is when picking out the box of color. You can’t always go by the color on the box. The color may turn out differently depending on the shade your hair already is.

Always make sure you have on clothes you don’t’ mind getting dye on, and you are working in an area where you can easily clean up a spill.

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Leaving the color on the proper amount of time is key as well – too long and your hair could over process, and leaving it on too little won’t give the hair enough time for the color to take. No matter how many times you’ve done it before, read the directions!

Shampooing Your Own Hair

Girl shampooing her hair Shampooing your hair every day may seem like the right thing to do, but depending on your hair type, it may be overkill. Your hair tends to look best when it has a chance for the natural oils to settle in. By washing everyday, these oils never get a chance to “shine.” In fact, it could even cause your hair to look duller.

There are a few exceptions to this rule however. If your hair tends to be naturally oily, you may want to continue following your daily shampoo regimen.

Not Getting Regular Haircuts

This one may not seem like a mistake, but not getting regular haircuts can cause your hair to look worse than it has to. The whole point of going to the salon for a haircut is to chop off your split ends and to make your hair look healthy once again. Going too long between salon visits, will just show off the unhealthy ends.

Using Too Much Product

As they say, too much of a good thing is bad. Using products in your hair can help to maintain shape, add volume, remove frizz, and plenty of other helpful things – just remember to use these products in moderation. Too much can cause you to look greasy and can end up weighing you down. You want to look like you’ve styled your hair effortlessly.

Wearing Your Hair In A Ponytail

Having a bad hair day? The easy solution is to pull your hair back into a ponytail.

This is fine every once in a while, but wearing this same style too often can be damaging to your hair. Pulling it back in the same spot day after day, as well as the elastic hair band you are using, can cause breakage to the hair.

Using Too Much Heat

This is probably the most obvious mistake you can make, but it’s easy to want to ignore it. Between all the tools out there – hair dryers, curling irons, crimpers, hot rollers, and flat irons – it’s hard to use them in moderation. They help you hair to look great and achieve a style, but using them too often can damage the hair. All the heat you are putting on the hair can break the cuticle. Using heat activated shampoo and conditioner can help, moderation is always the key.