More Uses For Vinegar

More Uses For Vinegar

Ah vinegar, how I love thee. Let me count the ways…blah, blah, blah. Yup, I love vinegar, can’t get enough of the stuff. Nope, I’m not secretly drinking it by the gallon (although I once had a flat mate who would drink it by the half pint glass) but I do use it in my home more ways than you could count. I’ve waxed lyrical about vinegar several times but time and again I discover a new use or realise there is something I haven’t shared with you, so here are some more.
I heart vinegar

1. Wipe chopping boards with full strength white distilled vinegar to cleaning, removing stains and disinfect.

2. If you’re using a dishwasher and find your glasses come out looking a bit milky or cloudy pour around 50ml of white vinegar into the rinse aid dispenser. It might take a couple of goes to get them back to normal but it will work.

3. I soak my kitchen sponges in a small bowl of water with around 75ml of white vinegar added, over night. This keeps them fresh, prolongs their lifespan and removes any pongs.

4. Disinfect your fridge when you clean it out by running a vinegar soaked sponged over the shelves and deep into any nooks and crannies. It should also help cut down on any revolting smells…because shall we all face it fridges do smell if we’re slatterns and I’m quite frequently a slattern when it comes to cleaning out my fridge and you can also use the vinegar cleaning spray for clean your fridge.

5. Make your washing up liquid go further and also make it that bit hardier when it comes to budging grease by adding 5 tbsp of vinegar to the bottle.

6. Once as week fill your toothbrush cup with 1/4 white vinegar 3/4 hot water and allow to sit for 30 mins before giving it a good wipe round inside.

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7. A pint of white vinegar poured down your loo and left overnight should budge water rings and any stains.

8. Uses of vinegar for a maintenance wash in your washing machine. Over time, especially when using low temperatures and lots of fabric softener (I sometimes use vinegar as fabric softener instead) your machine can become full of gunk and limescale, start to smell and just generally start to run inefficiently. Once a month I put old cleaning rags etc. in the drum, pour around 500ml of brown malt vinegar in after it and 50ml into the powder tray and wash on hot. If it is your first time doing this you may notice lots of old fabric softener and general grimness coming out but fear ye not because if you repeat this a couple of times your washing machine will soon be sorted.

9. Bought a stained, thrifted teapot? Fill with 25% white vinegar and 75% boiling water and ready a vinegar mixture. Leave to cool and the buff away the stains with a dry cloth.

10. Got grease stains on the splash back behind your cooker? Run neat vinegar across them on a damp cloth and they should budge in no time.

For the majority of these tips I’ve been using white vinegar which is a clear liquid, usually sold in a clear bottle. It is usually sold as either ‘distilled white vinegar’ or ‘distilled malt vinegar’ in the shops. For some jobs it is possible to use the brown malt vinegar which most people are more familiar with, however it may stain clothes and delicate, porous surfaces – although I’ve personally never had this happen.

You can pick up white vinegar in supermarkets but you can make savings or buy in bulk if you head to your nearest Chinese superstore where they tend to sell it in very large bottles.