Money Saving Handbag Essentials

Money Saving Handbag Essentials

It is easy to be a money saving whizz in the home. You have the support of excel spread sheets, your cupboards and wardrobe, internet blogs, savings sites and reviews however when you’re out and about and *gasp* potentially without access to the internet you have to fend for yourself financially and may need a few things to help you on your way. Ooh dramatic. In other words, have a few things with you at all times which can stop you spening on expensive things or going over budget.

– Cash Not Cards

I very rarely, unless I’m travelling a long way from home or on business, carry my debit or credit cards with me. I prefer to withdraw my cash on a Sunday night and physically divide it up for the week. As soon as I got into the habit of doing this I saved a small fortune because it meant I was unable to indulge in impulse purchases which were always my downfall.

Mini Notebook And Pen

Note down everything you spend. Seriously, everything. Bought a packet of chewing gum? Note it down. Bought a stupidly expensive bus ticket (I’m looking at you Stagecoach)? Note it down. It is easy to get carried away with spending when you are out and about so holding yourself accountable really helps. We’ve all found ourselves breaking into a £20 note only to get home and have 50p and some lint in our purses only to wonder where it is all gone. Note it down and take the wondering away.

– Calculator

When I go shopping I add everything up with either a teeny tiny calculator, you can get them from eBay for almost nothing or with the calculator on my phone. Keeping a running total as I walk around a shop makes me rethink unneccessary purchases and allows me to know exactly what the total will be at the till.

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– Reusable Water Bottle

The is no way I’m paying £1+ for a bottle of water. It just isn’t happening. I carry this foldable water bottle with me which I can happily fold up into almost nothing once I’m finished.

– Ziplock Bags

I feel like I shouldn’t tell you what I use these for but I end up using them at least twice a week for something or other. Pop a couple in your bag and you’ll soon find a really useful and money saving use for them soon or later.

– Umbrella

Having lived in the north west of England for a decade the very idea of carrying an umbrella every where I go seems totally ailen however I often see people making a mad dash to the chaps on the side of the road who sell over priced umbrellas whilst pelted with water from the skies. Carry an umbrella with you at all times – don’t end up spending a small fortune for a piece of crap on the side of the road. In actual fact I think all umbrellas both cheap and expensive are of roughly the same qualitiy when faced with the elements, so don’t invest too much.

– Tissues, Lipbalm,  P0ainkillers, Mints Etc.

I always ‘shop my home’ to find things like tissues, mints etc., rather than buying them when out and about. Sure I have to buy them in the first place to have them at home however I’m able to take the time and buy them in bulk or reduced prices. A packet of Polo mints at the train station has a huge premium placed on it compared to buying from the supermarket.