Modest Outfits for Summer

Modest Outfits for Summer

You’re not the only one who thinks modest summer dressing is an absurdity. It’s easy to fantasize about wearing little or nothing when the temperature rises and the humidity is unbearable. But, since that is the overwhelming answer, I have a few key tips that I have learned over the years to achieve a stylish summer fit that’s basically next best.

Three of my favorite modest dressers are the ones I turn to when I’m looking for inspiration on how to style a summer outfit that is both stylish and breathable. They all have the most chic outfits, even in the dead summer. I was left wondering what they do to keep them looking great, so I asked them each to share their summer outfit tips. If you’re looking for something similar, check out these modest summer outfits.

Layering light is the number one choice

You’d be amazed at how light and breezy a button-down can look as a layering piece. A light button-down is a great layering piece. It can be worn under strappy tops or dresses, or over a fitted mock neck tank. It allows you to breathe and acts as shade.

“Summer jackets are another essential layer. When I see a lightweight jacket I like, I buy it immediately. This is probably the easiest modest dressing tip: just throw it on over a breezy tank top or tee, and you’re good to go.

It can be difficult to dress modestly in summer, especially if it’s 100 degrees outside. But, I don’t let the weather stop my freedom to dress how I like. Do not layer, and don’t wear a tank top under your clothes or extra sleeves. It’s warmer to wear a thin jacket or cardigan over a shorter-sleeved shirt or dress, rather than have sleeves underneath.

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Maxi and midi dresses are the key.

A summer dress that is long and flowing is the best option for a modest girl such as me. This is the easiest look to put together. But, finding the right dress with a high neck and long sleeves , without slit? Almost impossible. It’s almost impossible. I make light layers with light layers, such as a sleeveless mini dress that is layered underneath a wrap dress or coordinating leggings. Layering monochromatically is the key. If your style is not super feminine like mine, I recommend wearing sneakers with summer dresses. You instantly get a casual, cool vibe with sneakers.

“My favorite summer outfit would be a long-sleeved summer dress. It’s all the rage right now in retail. It’s not necessary to wear any underneath and is the best choice for hot weather.

“I won’t ever trade in my jeans, but this year, I really enjoy styling loose pants of any kind. This combination is super easy and stylish when worn with a tank or long-sleeve shirt and a jacket. Pants add an extra dimension to any look, making it appear like you spent more time creating your outfit than you did.

Use light colors

Light colors reflect heat from sunlight and keep you cool in hot weather. It is also well-known that looser clothes will make you feel more comfortable in heat. A pair of loose pants will keep your modesty intact, and they will keep you cooler than tights or shorts.