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You can’t go wrong with a pair of comfy jeans, even though the weather is cooling down. A pair…or two…of maternity pants. You’re not the only one who feels like buying jeans makes her want to cry.

Why would I purchase jeans when I can always wear my activewear? We get it! We hear you! You can find jeans that fit you no matter how far along you are. If you’re anything like most women on the planet, they’ll likely be worn even after your baby is born.

What’s the deal with maternity jeans? Why can’t I use the same hair tie trick as my regular jeans?

You could, but it will take you longer. It can be difficult to first grasp the why, what, where, and how of maternity jeans. It can also be difficult to justify purchasing more jeans when you already have plenty of clothes. Here are some differences between regular and maternity jeans.

I am not ready to wear maternity jeans…

It’s okay, and you’re not the only one! The cut of the waistband is the most obvious difference between regular jeans versus maternity jeans. The waistband of regular jeans, regardless of whether they are high-waisted or hip-huggers, is straight across. This means that you will constantly unbutton and unzip them, even if you plan to wear them throughout your pregnancy. While the hair tie around the button technique may work for a few weeks, you will find yourself needing to unzip your fly more often than not as your bump grows. Who has the time to feel uneasy when they are busy with a new-born?

Perhaps I’ll get a larger size in regular jeans…

This one is tricky. It can be difficult to feel comfortable in your skin, especially when so much changes quickly. The right pants can make or break your mood. The pants will not fit you if you size up at the waist. Who’s to say you won’t have to buy another pair in the next size? It all adds up. This also means you won’t be able to wear the jeans after birth because they don’t fit.

What if my mind is still a puzzle about wearing maternity jeans?

The Love Your Bump Belt is a great temporary alternative if you aren’t ready to make the leap into maternity jeans. The handy little package includes elastic in various sizes so that your bump has more space than with the hair tie trick. You can also use the fabric inserts in white, black, and blue to place inside your pants’ zip. This is a great option for those who are in between. However, tops should be long enough to cover your pants when you lift your arms up. This is another reason why many moms skip the in-between stage and just go straight for maternity jeans. Let’s face it, once you try on maternity jeans, you will never go back.

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The fabric

Maternity jeans can be made in many different fabrics, just like regular clothes. You can find maternity jeans made entirely from cotton, which are as soft as a pair of trackies but also as comfortable as a cozy pair of trackies. The common feature of maternity jeans is their stretch. Many maternity jeans will have either spandex or elastane in the blend. This means that your waist and belly will stretch with you. They’ll also stretch in the right places when needed. This is no reason not to wear maternity jeans every day, even after birth. We don’t know what else to say!

The cut

You’ll notice that the band in the maternity jeans is not straight. It dips at the front to allow your bump to grow. The band also sits higher at your back to ensure you don’t feel like your pants are falling apart. This is a common concern with under-the-bump jeans, but they were designed with this in mind.

Some pairs have an adjustable elastic that can be sewn to either side of the jeans. It’s easy to adjust the elastic if your jeans start to slide down towards your hips. You can now pull your pants up.

Under or Over?

Which style did you like to wear before pregnancy? A maternity jean with an over-the-bump band might feel like your favourite pair of jeans. You will feel your bump supported and you won’t feel any extra layers underneath your tops.

You might also like an under-the-bump style if you are a more low-rise girl. These are a great choice all year as they don’t require any additional layers – you know how hot it is when you have a baby! – after birth. This style of jean will be lower while you are trying to dress your baby bump. However, post-birth you can wear them as a simple mid-rise jean.

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