Mamma Mia Outfits

Mamma Mia Outfits

The return of Mamma Mia in theaters with Mamma Mia 2 : Here We Go Again was one of the most entertaining films this summer. It not only inspired legions of people to rewatch the original but also gave cosplayers new ideas for their wardrobes and musical numbers. It’s Halloween, the ultimate cosplay holiday! These Mamma Mia group costumes are a mix of the original and the new film for maximum musical movie madness.

The best thing about the new Mamma Mia movie is its ability to serve as both a sequel or prequel to the original film. Fans got a glimpse at Donna and the Dynamos in 1970s, as well as how Harry and Sam dressed back then. This is not all. Fans were treated to the sequel with Sophie and the Dynamos, and, as if that weren’t enough, a Cher moment.

These are all iconic looks that can be recreated in groups of two to three or more (or six or eight for larger groups) for the ultimate group dressing-up. Remember to memorize the lyrics.

Donna & The Dynamos

Mamma Mia 2 features many musical numbers by Donna and the Dynamos from their prime. However, the most famous scene is the performance at a restaurant in blue bellbottoms.

You can recreate the look with ruffled bellbottoms from Etsy and gold tank tops from Amazon. Don’t forget 1970s-style mics!

Sophie & The Dynamos

The Dynamos are available for Sophie, although Donna has passed on. Amazon has Rosie’s multi-colored casual tunic and white pants. Tanya’s evening cocktail gown is also very affordable. Sophie’s poncho can be a bit difficult to find. This Poshmark one is very close. However, you can pair it with jeans.

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My 3 Dads: The ’70s Edition

It’s easy to dress up as Donna’s 1970s boyfriends. It’s not about the tops, as all three of them wear jeans.

  • Bill is wearing a plain-striped t-shirt.
  • Sam is wearing a white linen button down shirt.
  • Harry is wearing a punk rock shirt and leather jacket.

My 3 Dads: The Present Day Edition

The current versions come in jeans, blue khakis (Harry), or button-down shirts in a variety of colors.

Double Donnas

Are you looking for an older-younger partner? Do you have an older-younger pairing? It doesn’t matter if you wear black or blue coveralls, or hippie shirts. While Donna is older, she wears a toolbelt and Donna is younger, she wears a necklace with a butterfly. However, they don’t mind matching.

Cher & Fernando

Andy Garcia and Cher Garcia are her beloved Fernando for the more mature couple. Cher’s white pantsuit looks great, and you should get a silver shirt under it. A blue blazer and khakis are all you need for Fernando, a sea captain.