Make Your Own Glitter Stripe Shoes

Make Your Own Glitter Stripe Shoes

I tried DIY glitter shoes when I was at uni but it all went horribly wrong, mainly because I was drunk for 4 years and I’m telling you now – vodka and glitter is not a good mixture. You may have seen the  I wore to my wedding and inspired by them I’ve gone onto add glitter to stiletto heels, boots and ballet pumps over the last five years. It’s a great way of reviving a pair of shoes when they’re past their best and looking a bit tired.

How to Make Glitter Shoes

What You Will Need:

Shoes – I’m using some old ballet flats but sturdy shoes work better
Modge Podge or similar tacky glue – I believe you can make your       own with PVA & water but my cousin sent me this in a Christmas   craft parcel from America so it seemed a shame not to use it.
Cheap craft glitter in two colours – I used silver and green
2 small paint brushes
A saucer
Parcel tape – I’ve shown masking tape in the pictures above but I   went on to use parcel tape simply because my reel had lost a lot of it’s sticky-ness for some reason.

1. Lay down newspaper – lots of newspaper.

2. Clean your shoes and allow them to dry. Once totally dry stuff the     insides with newspaper.

3. Section off the area you want to be glittery with the aid of the parcel tape. Ensure there are no gaps for glue and glitter to escape under.

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4. Paint on glue to the area of the shoe which you want the first glitter colour to be.

5. Straight away pour the glitter over the glued area. You may want to tap the shoe to ensure even distribution and perhaps dip the ends and sides into the discarded glitter to make sure they’re covered, that way there should be no bald spots when the glue dries.

6. Allow to dry for an hour or two before peeling the tape off slowly in a smooth motion.

7. Now it is time for the second colour. You don’t want to just pour this glitter on like the first patch because the two colours will get a bit messy, here’s what to do. Pour some glue into a saucer and add some of the second colour glitter to it. You want it to be around 60% glue to 40% glitter. Mix it through evenly and paint onto your shoe with a thin brush in fine layers. Allow to dry for an hour. Don’t worry, the glue dries clear.

8. Once it has dried repeat a couple of times until you’ve built up a nice and even coverage.

9. Since the Modge Podge dries clear you can add another layer on top (once totally dry) to seal in some of the glitter if you like.

10. Remove any glue or excess glitter which has dripped onto the sole, with the aid of a wooden cocktail stick.