Make up for £5 and under

Make up for £5 and under

Just because you’re thrifty doesn’t mean you can’t have nice things, it just means you make wise decisions about what you DO buy, innit. I like make up and beauty products but I’m not prepared to shell out a fortune for expensive brands (that’s what birthdays are for) so I like to stick to budget make up and beauty brands.Some people do get a bit funny at the very idea of me spending money on anything other than vinegar and bicarbonate of soda, but I enjoy treating myself as much as the next person. I just make sure I use discount codes, buy during sales or 3 for 2 offers and if I don’t like something for myself once I get it home, I always try to sell it on.

Make up buys for £5 and under

1. VIVO Baked Bronze – Shade: Healthy Glow – Price : £5

The finish of VIVO Baked Bronze in Healthy Glow reminds me so much of MAC Minerlize Skin Finishes (which I’ve tried out at my friend’s house many a time), I wouldn’t call them full on bronzers but if you’re looking for a nice, glow-y highlighter I’d highly recommend it.The packaging isn’t anything special but it is sturdy and you do get a good amount of product (12g) for the price, which incidentally is £5. I’ve had this for a week or so and used it every day, which is rare for me because I’m not really a bronzer girl.VIVO wasn’t a brand I was familiar with until I asked Twitter for brow kit recommendations (a gift for my cousin). VIVO is available in Tesco and also online here and the majority of their products come in at £5 or under, bargain. Have you tried any VIVO products, are there any you’d recommend?

2. Elf Eyelid Primer – Shade: Sheer – Price: £1.50

My eyes need eyelid primer or base of some kind, they need it. Well, no I could survive without it if you’re talking about putting me in a Hunger Games type arena but, but, but…umm…I don’t want to! My lids and under eyes are mean, they make me look sick if I don’t use a base and I don’t like to use my regular foundation around my eyes because it’s just too heavy on that delicate skin.To save myself a small fortune I tried out the Elf Eyelid Primer and I’m impressed. I’ve been a huge fan of the Elf brushes for a while but I’ve found their make up to be hugely hit and miss. However I’m genuinely impressed with this, especially when you consider the price point.
When you pull the applicator wand out the product does appear a little lumpy and it put me off straight away, however because I blend it on the back on my hand with a small concealer brush the lumps blend into the formula instantly. Once applied to the eye it feels creamy a bit like a MAC paint pot or Maybelline Colour Tattoo (yes, I do spend a lot of time sticking my fingers in make up when I’m out shopping) but worry ye not because it doesn’t make your eyeshadow slide off despite that creamy consistency, infact it’s a pretty good base for eyeshadow. Not in the same league as my beloved MAC Bare Study but for £1.50 I think it does a great job. I would say however that after 4-5 uses the tube does start to feel a bit empty.

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3. Rimmel Lasting Finish – Shade: 170 Alarm – Price: £1.79

I love red lipstick, I’m constantly on a hunt to find the best one for my skin tone. My current favourite is Rimmel Lasting Finish in Alarm. I’d used it a few times a couple of years ago then lost it whilst on holiday and forgot all about it. When I remembered the very existence of this shade I was disappointed not to be able to find it anywhere, so I think they’ve rebadged it (as Alan Partridge might say) and incorporated it into the Kate Moss range. I was more than chuffed, after a quick google to find it brand new on eBay for £1.79 and snapped up a couple straight away.I always wear lipliner under my red lipstick (MAC Cherry) and apply with a lipbrush. Applying this particular lipstick this way keeps it on, without budging even a little, for about 4 hours which I consider to be quite good for such a bright red lipstick. However if I reapply the lipstick whilst out and about it only seems to only last for an hour or so and runs the risk of bleeding. So I’d say this when it comes too reapplication of this lipstick it really requires the full reapplication of lipliner too which is a bit of a faff whilst out and about, however I’ve had so many compliments on this shade that I’m starting to consider it a worthwhile faff.Oh and on another note it made a great emergency cream blusher when used sparingly.

4. Barry M Super Soft Eye Crayon  – Shade: No.1 Black – Price: £.3.99

I line my eyes with this on almost a daily basis and have done for longer than I could tell you. I still can’t quite believe what good value for money it is. The pencil lasts forever, it stays on my eye from dusk til dawn and it is super creamy and blendable. If you haven’t tried this, I honestly think you’re missing out.
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