Buying Your First Longboard? Read This Comprehensive Guide

Buying Your First Longboard? Read This Comprehensive Guide

If you’re planning to purchase your first longboard, then you’ve arrived at the correct juncture. With so many options available in the market as of now, choosing the ideal one can prove to be quite a challenging task. 

That’s why we’re here to help you out with the same. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll be going through some of the significant pointers that you must keep in mind before you proceed to buy your new longboard. So, stick around and continue reading.

Is It Difficult To Learn Surfing?

You must know that the process of learning to surf will not be difficult if you have the correct guidance and mindset. If you have the work ethic and can get the proper professional advice, then you should have no problems, whatsoever. 

What Type Of Longboard Should You Purchase?

Before you decide to purchase second hand surfboards in the UK, you must know there are multiple types of surfboards available in the market – from shortboards to longboards. When it comes to longboards, the average size ranges between 50 to 100 liters. 

The type of longboard that you should be purchasing will be dependent on your body weight. Therefore, the greater your body weight will be, the longer your board size should be. 

For example, a person weighing 77 lbs should choose a longboard that’s more than 30 liters in size. On the other hand, if your weight is 220 lbs, then the longboard should be 72 liters in size. 

Longboard Vs Shortboard – Which One Is Better?

If you’re just starting, then longboard seems to be the ideal choice. This is because longboards are very easy to use than shortboards. After all, you’ll get an extended area to balance your body weight.

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The Merits & Demerits Of Using A Longboard


  • With a longboard, it’s much easier to catch a wave.
  • Longboards tend to float better than shortboards. So, if you’re surfing on weak waters, then longboards are an ideal solution.
  • When you stand up, longboards are more stable.


  • Difficult to manage because of their overall size.
  • Quite heavy to carry.

Why Are Longboards Great For Beginners?

Longboards will always provide you with a very different experience than shortboards. Longboards tend to range between 8 to 11 feet and they have a rounded nose. 

Since longboards are larger, they have higher stability as well as buoyancy. Therefore, for a beginner surfer who hasn’t learned to balance his or her body, this will be an ideal tool. Moreover, due to their higher volume, with the help of longboards, you can expect to surf on small waves too. 

We sincerely hope you have a fun experience obtaining your first longboard and don’t forget to enjoy it!