Living In A Basement Flat

Living In A Basement Flat

We’re pretty pleased with our new rental flat, you can even have a nosy gawp at our flat tour. We live in a basement flat or basement apartment if you’re feeling fancy (or American) with our own entrance and small outside space (enough room to grow a few veggies in pots and sneakily dry our washing/store our bikes). We have two bedrooms and a good amount of living space (plus good storage) and are paying the rent of half the price of someone in the same building living in a one bedroom flat, just because we have live below stairs. So my ’dears, if you’re looking  to move anytime soon look at out for deals in basement flats.

Here is the ideas for basement living takes some getting used to, and we’ve plans only been here for a couple of months but here’s what I’ve learnt so far.

 6 Things to Know About Basement Flats

1. You will be woken at odd hours by your upstairs neighbour running the taps (loud cranking noises) at strange hours of the night. But you’ll soon get used to that.

2. You will get a bit of mould or damp. I have asthma so I was initially worried about me but just be proactive about it. We open the doors (I eat my breakfast on the steps outside most days to get some air circulating) and windows (obviously this is more of a security issue in a basement flat than in a higher up flat – keep an eye on them) as often as possible, run dehumidifiers on wet days and treat any mould or damp with a little drop of cheap-o thin bleach on a cotton bud as soon as you see them (a cluster of pinprick sized spots, once a week for us). If you keep on top of it, it doesn’t become an issue. If you’re worried about mould and damp, store treasured items in plastic boxes instead of cardboard.


3. It will be darker than a regular flat but strategic placement of thrifted and vintage mirrors, lamps and fairy lights has made our basement flat light and bright like a house.

4. Basement flats are warmer than you think, I imagined they’d be quite cool or even really, really cold. Ceilings are lower and hot air rises, so the heat has nowhere to go and floor are also hot. It is a lot hotter down here than I ever imagined it would be.

5. Moths and their crew will bum you. They just will, they’ll love coming to visit it you. We’ve sprayed eucalyptus around the doors and windows which has stopped them coming in, we’re a bad ass frickin’ genius crew here near at Thrifty Towers.

6.  Take your rubbish out every day. It is harder to get rid of niffy smells in a basement flat. We’ve made the mistake of leaving rubbish in a bin for 2-3 days and the whole place stank. Our rubbish now goes out everyday after supper. In a basement flat you tend to be nearer to the drains, dilute a cap of Dettol and throw it around the open drain areas once a week or so to keep niffy scents at bay.

You can make a nice house as much as pretty anywhere, you just have to take time to get to know how the space breathes and what works for you.