Lip Scrubbing Benefits

Lip Scrubbing Benefits

Are you one of the majorities who loves to peel flaky skin off their lips? If yes, we definitely understand you and there’s no shame in that. But, did you know that it is unhealthy for your lips? Having dry, chapped lips is normal because external factors like the weather are primarily out of your control but unhealthy habits like smoking can be a reason for it.

Lip Scrub Benefits

Human lips are very delicate and sensitive but most people forget to take care of it properly. Using Organic Lip Balms is one good way to go but along with the skin on the rest of our body, the skin on our lips also requires exfoliation. Exfoliating is a great way to keep your lips looking healthy and well-moisturized but you have to keep it under control. 

Why should I exfoliate my lips?

You will often read articles that discourage people to exfoliate their lips because of certain reasons. Exfoliating is good and healthy as long as you do it the right way. Lip scrubbing is a healthy method that gets rid of the dead skin flakes and provides moisture at the same time. It can actually greatly improve your overall lip health and appearance by doing it occasionally especially for people who get dry and chapped lips more often. 

With this method, it will make your lip balms or any nourishing products penetrate deeper to provide maximum benefits on the lips. It can make your lip products stay longer and it makes lip product application so much easier. It is also great for people who are not fond of using lip products because lip scrubbing can improve the natural color of your lips.

How often should I use lip scrubs?

It’s easy to do over-exfoliating without you even noticing it. This is a critical mistake you should avoid because our lips don’t have any sebaceous glands which normally keep our skin moisturized. They also produce lower levels of melanin that is responsible for sun protection which makes it more vulnerable to UV rays.

Once or twice a week is a good number for you to start with. Going beyond that number can be dangerous but it may vary from one person to another. If you don’t use heavy lip products on a daily basis then once a week should be perfect.

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What kind of lip scrubs should I use?

There are tons of Do-It-Yourself lip scrubs you can find over the web. There are two main ingredients in a lip scrub you should take note of, exfoliating agent and moisturizing agent. With these ingredients, you won’t have to worry about your lips getting dry. Some combinations you might find are: sugar with honey, coffee grounds with shea butter, cinnamon powder with olive oil, and rose petals with milk.

Most recipes are easy to make but there are ready-to-use lip scrubs available in the market if you’re feeling lazy. Not all lip scrubs are non-irritant, if you feel a sting or discomfort then wash it immediately. There are also lip scrubs that are not meant to be washed off or removed, always read instructions. Remember, don’t get addicted to it because as much as it is tempting to do every day, it can deal serious damage to your lips.

Post Exfoliating Tips and Reminders

  1. Always wear a good quality lip balm that provides nutrients and protection to your lips.
  1. Getting dry lips can be inevitable but always avoid peeling and picking the dry skin to avoid bruising and inflammation.
  1. If you failed on resisting to peel, don’t even dare to exfoliate if there is already bruising or if the lips are already irritated because this can do more harm than good.
  1. Never exfoliate while your lips are dry. Make it a habit to wet your lips before scrubbing.
  1. Lips are delicate, avoid scrubbing too hard!
  1. It is always better to exfoliate during night time because the after-scrub skin is more sensitive to its environment.
  1. Body scrubs are ONLY meant for your body. Don’t use it on your lips.


Lip care is not as common as it may seem, but it is vital to pay attention to it. It’s just as important as your skincare routine and it does not even require lengthy steps. Let this be a reminder for you to take good care of your lips and the other parts of your body that you probably overlooked. Keep safe and healthy!