Levenshulme Antiques Village Review

Levenshulme Antiques Village Review

A few houses back we lived in Levenshulme, and I only managed to visit the Levenshulme Antiques Village twice (for shame, I know). Both times I had a hangover, walked into the huge building on Stockport Road, saw some stuffy looking furniture and promptly left in search of vodka soaking carbs.


It’s my own fault but I wasn’t impressed. This was probably 5 years ago and I didn’t return until last autumn when we found ourselves in need of items for our renovation and since then I have visited a number of times and been greatly impressed.

Situated in a large, old council office on the A6, Levenshulme Antiques Village is home to a number of sellers specialising in different styles and eras of antiques, along with a number selling on whatever they have found at house sales.

This vast 1898 building is beautiful and stuffed with jaw dropping features which will tantalise your eyes before you’ve even so much as cast a glance over a single antique. Beautiful tiles, stain glass windows, gorgeous floors, impressive staircases and behold those doors!

The main body of the building is taken up with what I’d probably called ‘more polished’ items which seem to fetch a higher price, whilst the area outside is home to a large cobbled area where dozens of stable/storage lock ups are used to sell items which could probably use a bit of tender loving care.

This area is definitely my favourite and I’m currently keeping my eye out for the perfect Edwardian front door to replace our manky, stained and cracked UPVC door, and one particular seller has hundreds of potentials all lined up for us to get excited about.

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Sellers are really friendly and open to discussing the history of pieces and even haggling. We have managed to get some nice light fixtures and a few frames so far at around 1/3 of the price we’d expect to buy them on eBay or at auction and now we are starting to look to bigger pieces such as fireplaces, radiators, doors and stained glass and finding the prices to be lower than many others we have seen in our region.

With the very nature of the antiques it is quite hard to explain what the stock is like, as so many of the items are individual or even handcrafted a very long time ago and things change.

So I would certainly say, if you’re in the North West and looking for furniture, architectural salvage, paintings and something to give your home an individual touch on a budget, then you can’t go too far wrong in exploring this place. Even if you’re low on money this place would make for a nice Sunday afternoon wander.

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Be sure to extend your wander through this place past the front rooms, which whilst lovely, the prices are (I’d say in a lot of cases, deservingly) quite high and explore in the basement, upstairs, in the hidden warrens and outside. Oh and before I forget, there is an ever so good cafe worth swinging by too.

Levenshulme Antiques Village
The Old Town Hall,
965 Stockport Road,
M19 3NP

Public transport:
Levenshulme train station (5-7 min walk)
192 (from Manchester and Stockport) bus stops very close by.