Learning To Like Olives

Learning To Like Olives

Me being me I know the times all our local supermarkets price items for reduction and lately, in one particular supermarket I’ve been noticing a heck of a lot of fresh deli olives sitting in pots marked down to almost nothing. I don’t like olives. But actually they’ve always been something I’ve wanted to like.


So I’ve decided to teach myself to like olives and it’s only partly so I can gorge myself on them for 15p. Every year I like to come out if it being able to do something a little extra I couldn’t do the year before, nothing big or exciting you understand, just a small little thing. One year I taught myself to appreciate red wine, another to ride a bike in my late twenties and last year I learnt how to switch off after work. There are enough fairly basic foods which I don’t like such as mushrooms, tomatoes, eggs and sweetcorn that I thought it about time to damn well learn to like at least one. This year my small task is learning to like olives. Around the time I started noticing these cut price deli bar olives I heard the fab Essiebutton mention teaching herself to like olives on one of her vlogs and decided if she could do it then I could too!

I’ve been taking my time to try olives and olive oil both on their own as a snack and in recipes. I found a variety called Manzanilla which have a more subtle taste and since trying one a day and at first hating them I’ve been able to slowly enjoy the flavour and appreciate the taste. I’m slowly moving on to other varieties, some of which are too strong (and I now know to avoid or wait a while to build up to) and some of which I quite like. I’ve also learnt that stuffed olives are not for me, no way, no how. Trying olives with a glass of nice wine has certainly helped and I can now take them without the aid of booze. All of which means I can take advantage of those reduced priced olives on the discount aisle and the freebies when we go out to dinner.

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Have you taught yourself to like a food stuff? How did you do it?

Oh and any olive tips would be great, especially cheaper ones which don’t taste like pickled tyres.