Ladies Trouser Suits For Weddings


Are you looking for elegant trouser suits for female wedding guests? These stunning and sleek blazer sets may be just what you are looking for.

It’s stressful enough to worry about what to wear on a wedding day. Trouser suits are a great alternative to traditional wedding dresses. You can re-wear these blazer sets for many years, and the jackets and pants can be used for multiple looks throughout the year.

Trouser suits are stylish and comfortable for weddings. No more awkwardly fitting dresses that are only suitable for one occasion.

Here are the 15 best trouser suits available for female wedding guests.

Ladies Trouser Suits For Weddings

1. Tapered Perfection

Combining the Kenzie Double-Blashed Blazer with the cropped Ludivine Trousers by L’Agence, you will shine with its stunning sand color combination and slim-cut silhouette.

This Balmain-esque blazer has padded shoulders that allow you to feel confident and make a bold statement.

2. Magenta

This bold Veronica Beard blazer is crafted with silver buttons and expertly tailored to make you stand out. Combine it with the matching, slit trousers. They include stretch! This colorful look will stand out.

3. Power Suit

Designers are experimenting with large silhouettes this year. The Grlfrnd Energy Blazer is a great choice for anyone looking for something more masculine.

This beige jacket is great for any wedding with its large shoulder pads and light knit material. The matching high waisted cigarette pants are not designed to compete with the jacket, but they create a slim silhouette from the waist.

4. Jewel Tones

A great way to bring color to a wedding is to use jewel tones. The Bennytt Blazer by L*Space has a simple, one-button closure. That’s all there is to this blazer.

This jacket is made from rich green satin jacquard fabric. It shouts “Look at me!” without being too loud for other guests. To create a trendy silhouette, the matching wide leg pants complete the look. For a feminine look, add a belt that cinches in your waist.

5. Vest Piece

This affordable trouser suit will make a fashion statement. This set includes both the pants and vest, making it the most affordable trouser suits we have featured.

The large pants, which feature a belted waist and wide legs, are the perfect complement to the flowy vest. For a pastel look, swap the white top in the photo for a baby-blue one. Pair the suit with white shoes (and a white bag) and you’ll have the perfect pastel look.

6. Structured

You can have structure and flow with one blazer suit, but who said that? This sleek trouser suit set can be worn alone or with a more modest top if you don’t like the blazer’s cleavage.

The seamless pants provide a flattering fit that creates a luxurious, rich look that will turn heads.

7. Velvet

Since its inception, the Lean Dickey jacket by Veronica Beard has been a favorite of fashionistas. 2020 saw an updated version of the classic design that created a longer silhouette.

This jacket is ideal for taller women, or anyone who wants a suit that looks effortlessly slim with a relaxed fit. For a nod towards their nautical roots, the matching flared trousers are high-waisted with gorgeous gold buttons.

8. Linen

Linen will be back in 2021 to bring you a relaxed, light vibe. These suits are perfect for warmer climates. The Rag and Bone Cameron Drawstring Waist Lining Blend Blazer has a slim, comfortable waist that looks like a traditional trench.

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The matching trousers have a high waist and a wide leg. They are designed to be comfortable.

9. Muted Colors

Not all colored suits have to be bright. Vince’s muted, oversized suit set allows you to show off your masculine side while still keeping a feminine, soft look.

The boxy suit jacket is a nod to menswear and features strong shoulders and a two-breasted front. The flowing, single-pleat, wide-legged, comfortable pants are just as stylish as they are practical.

10. Navy Sets

No one says navy must be boring. This A.L.C. This A.L.C. suit is reminiscent of the days when navy was a staple. Its bright brass buttons give it a preppy, commanding look.

The front slit trousers with a slight peep of skin at the legs make this outfit stand out.

11. Jungle Green

This year’s runway was filled with Jungle Green, Macy’s following in the footsteps of big fashion houses with their Bar III trouser set. The jacket is a 3/4-sleeve knit mix with a relaxed fit. But the true star of the outfit is the belted trousers.

These trousers are a crop-fit with a zipper and hook-and bar closure. The belt conceals the zipper. This casual trouser suit makes a great choice for spring and summer weddings.

12. Dusty Lavender

In 2021, powdered pastels are more in fashion than ever. Designers are mixing soft colors with bold designs to make suits stand out, from pink to lavender to teal.

The Theory set features a double-breasted blazer which perfectly complements the fun and flirty shorts. Dark buttons make the blazer stand out and are easy to style with darker shoes.

13. Bright and Bold Colors

This Etiennette Good Wool Suit from Theory is a great alternative to pastels. This gorgeous teal color is perfect for beach weddings because it complements the ocean.

This suit is made from ethically-farmed, sustainable Italian wool and will make any woman standout. The perfect look for spring wedding is when paired with the matching, slim-cut, cropsuit pants

14. Sequined Suits

Sequined suits do not have to be expensive. This ASOS design blazer with matching charcoal pants is a great choice for those who love to shine and sparkle.

15. Chocolate Brown

Are you tired of neutrals and tans? Chocolate brown is the new trend! Pretty Little Thing’s updated design turns brown from dull to fabulous with a double-breasted, blazer design. The low-cut top will be envy-worthy.

The bottoms have a cropped and tapered fit for a slimmer look that will make any person’s legs shine.


It’s easy to get stressed about weddings, but it doesn’t mean you have to worry about the right outfit. These elegant, sophisticated trouser suits are perfect for female wedding guests. Make your guests say “Wow!” and stand out for the right reasons.

These suits are timeless and can be worn over and over, so you can use them again and again long after your wedding, no matter if it’s at work or at brunch with the girls.

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