Kick-off your Wedding Celebrations by Planning a Perfect Rehearsal Dinner for your Family and Friends

Kick-off your Wedding Celebrations by Planning a Perfect Rehearsal Dinner for your Family and Friends

Rehearsal dinners are an intimate event thrown before the wedding to mark the start of the celebration. Instead of stressing around making arrangements, here are some steps you can use to plan a perfect rehearsal dinner before your dreamy wedding.

Choose who will be hosting the dinner.

Usually, the groom’s parents host the dinner; however, there is no fixed end rule for this; these days, anything can happen or be arranged. Both parents of the bride and groom often end up splitting costs for the wedding; in such cases, you and your partner can host the rehearsal dinner. Discuss and narrow it down who will be hosting the dinner.

Pick some fun theme

To make your rehearsal dinner even more entertaining and fun is picking a theme. You can add your traditions or cultural activities to your dinner to keep guests engaged. Choose to go for a theme that suits well with you and your partner’s interests. 

You don’t have to make it too formal; instead, you can choose something more outdoor or backyard fiesta featuring your traditional and favorite food. 

Choose a good location.

Pick a unique location such as your regular family restaurant or any location that holds some emotional value. You can make this even more sentimental if you choose to go to the family home. 

If you go to a hotel, choose a spot that looks more appropriate for weddings, such as a poolside or something with a beautiful view.

Jot down the guest

The rehearsal dinner usually includes close family members and friends. If you have exceeded the number of people to invite, you can keep the party within the budget by serving drinks such as dandelion wine or sherry, snacks or desserts instead of serving a full meal.

Work on timings

The rehearsal dinner is held the night before the wedding; usually, the ceremony starts in the evening and lasts for 30 to 50 minutes, which ends with a dinner that starts around late evening, say 7. 

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You can also plan for the dinner two days before to get some relaxing time before the wedding. 

Plan menu wisely

Whether hosting your rehearsal dinner at a restaurant or a hall, make sure you plan the menu wisely. In case of doubt, you can either choose traditional food, local cuisine or your hometown favourites. Why not introduce your out-of-town guest with a Chicago pizza or Maine lobster? Your guest will love to relish it. 

Pass the mic

Though as a host, it is customary to speak and welcome guests to the party, you should encourage other guests to give toast and speeches. It will become even more interesting when toasting turns into roasting. 

As a couple about to get married, prepare some speeches yourselves as well. 

Shower gifts

The rehearsal dinner is the best time to present gifts to your parents and close family members for thanking them for their love, support and guidance. This would be a great time to hand over any gifts.

Make essential announcements about the wedding before ending it.

Before concluding the night:

  1. Make any essential announcements about the wedding.
  2. Double-check with everyone about their role on the wedding day, when they will be arriving or what they are supposed to be bringing.
  3. Remind them about activities and kind of transportation arranged for traveling to and fro from the ceremony.

Lastly, do not forget to have fun.

After so much work on planning your wedding, do not forget to enjoy your rehearsal dinner with your loved ones. Plan something fun and stress-free. 


Here are a few things you should consider while hosting a party to make it fun and perfect not just for guests but also for you.