Kibbe Body Types

Kibbe Body Types

The Kibbe Body Types & Their Clothing Lines

The 13 Kibbe Body Types are based on how one’s bones, flesh, and facial features are combined. They are divided into five main types or families, Dramatic, Natural and Classic, Gamine, Romantic and eight subtypes, which are combinations of these main types.


Sharp Yang

Sharp Yang defines the Dramatic body type. It combines a strong and sharp physicality with a cool reserve, charismatic power and charisma.

Any slight deviation from these characteristics is possible but should not be considered a problem as long as it doesn’t upset the overall sharp-yang balance.

Answers Most A Under All Sections.

Height is usually moderately tall to high, often 5.5ft or more (long vertical line).

Body type Straight and angular. It may tend to have a long or slim musculature (sinewy or lithe). They are usually tall with long arms and legs.

If you are overweight, weight tends to accumulate around your hip and upper thighs rather than the upper torso.

Bone structure angular: angular has sharp edges and square shoulders (which can be narrow). The length of the feet and hands is usually longer than those of the feet. The facial bones (nose, jawline and cheekbones) are prominent or sharp.

Features of the facial features: Straight, clean lines. A small, almond-shaped eye; thin, straight or narrow lips; taut skin around the cheeks and jaw.

Dramatic will NOT:

  • An hourglass figure
  • You should have full, lush facial features (round eyes and fleshy cheeks, full, lush lips).
  • Facial bones and bone structure can be either broad or narrow.
  • Do not appear small or petite.
  • Be perfectly symmetrical
  • Short or fleshy legs and arms

Clothing Lines

Long, lean lines characterize dramatic Kibbe. This gives the body a masculine, powerful look. This should be the focus of your clothing.

You want to look for long, straight vertical lines. Some tailoring may be added to give you some sharpness. The best trousers, dresses and coats for women are straight and long. Your silhouette should be straight and clean. You don’t need to add any detail or colour blocking to emphasize your long vertical lines. Monochromatic colours work best for you.

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Your clothing should have a sharp, geometric shape – triangles, rectangles, and other sculpted shapes with straight edges.

Soft Dramatic

Sharp Yang Bone Structure + Yin Body Flesh / Facial Features

The Soft Dramatic body type has a sharp yang undercurrent. It is characterized by a strong sensual essence and a bold exotic physicality.

Any slight deviation from these characteristics is possible but should not be considered a problem as long as it doesn’t upset the overall sharpening/yin balance.

Answers Mostly A with a few D and E answers below body flesh.

Height is usually moderately tall to high, often 5.5ft or more. Long vertical line.

Body Type: fleshy (unless very thin), especially through the bust area and hips. They are usually long with their arms and legs and can easily become fleshy in their upper arms and thighs if they don’t exercise. The typical waist size is moderate but can get thick.

If you are overweight, your body’s most visible areas of fat include the stomach, bust, hips and waist.

The bone structure is larger and more angular. Large hands and feet, long limbs (may be narrow or wide), and large hands and feet. The facial bones (nose, cheekbones and jawline) can be prominent or sharp. It is possible to perceive bone structure that is too narrow as delicate, especially if it is located in the shoulders, hands or feet. This is false, as the extreme length compensates for the narrowness.

Features of the facial features: Full, lush, sensual and exotic. Large eyes, large lips, and fleshy cheeks.

A soft dramatic will NOT:

  • A boyish figure is a good choice
  • You may have small hands or feet.
  • Do not appear too petite with your limbs.
  • Small or delicate facial features
  • Be symmetrical with your facial features and body type