Keeping For Best

Keeping For Best

Recently and really rather tragically an old friend of mine died after a long battle with cancer. When her parents went to sort through her belongings they found two cabinets filled with china, glassware and other bits and bobs that she was keeping for best. Never used. Boxes of shoes hardly out of their box, saved for a special occasion. Never used.

I’m sure she had visions of the perfect afternoon tea with family or dinner party with friends in which to use her dearly loved items but those occasions never arose. I make an effort to use my good things on a daily basis but there are some items that slip to the back of cupboard and only get used when the in laws come over or a birthday crops up. From now on I will make a concerted effort to use the beautiful items, to pour the breakfast cup of tea from a chintzy tea pot into a fun mug or a pretty tea cup rather than the first dull, chipped mug to hand.

Please use those items that you are saving for best, you never know when ‘best’ will come – if at all.


P.S. Do you keep items for best?

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