7 Tips To Keep Your Mind Busy During a Lockdown

7 Tips To Keep Your Mind Busy During a Lockdown

Hundreds of countries all around the globe have declared total community lockdown due to the highly contagious coronavirus. Because of the lockdown, movement in and out cities and towns are limited. Household members are prohibited to go out unless they need to perform essential tasks such as seeking emergency care and shopping for food and medicine. Even work and classes have been suspended for an indefinite time.

Things To Do During Lockdown

A lot of people feel bored because they’re stuck at home. Others feel extremely anxious because of the worrying situation. Keep yourself busy with the activities and ideas listed below. 

Enroll in an Interesting Course

Today, there are plenty of online learning platforms available. They offer courses in cosmetics, cooking, dressmaking, crocheting, home improvement and a long list of other topics. Take advantage of your free time and learn something new. These platforms charge affordable fees for all their courses and you get to enjoy lifetime access to the modules. After completing the course, you can even receive a certification from the mentor plus the learning platform.

Dress Up and Take Photos

Missing your usual work routine where you get to dress up in different clothing? You can still do this while at home. Go ahead and mix and match modest dresses for women from alternative fashion boutiques, or other types of garments with your shoes and accessories. You can also check out online shops which carry church dresses and other items you might need as well. This will help you get your mind off the crazy problem that’s happening all over the world.

Time to Clean Your Home

You always complain about how your busy work schedule prevents you from cleaning your house. Thanks to the lockdown, you have more than enough time to tidy up every corner of your abode. You can start your clean up routine by decluttering every room. Get rid of items you no longer need. Don’t forget to throw away garbage and put back items in their proper places.

Binge-watch Your Favorite Dramas or Series

It’s the perfect time to catch up on dramas, movies, and series that you missed because of your hectic work schedule. You can use online streaming services like Netflix to gain access to your favorite titles. If you love Asian dramas, you can look for apps of web platforms that offer access to a cheap price.   

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Watch Live Streaming of Artists

Musicians from all over the globe live stream their concerts and everyone can access them free of charge. Some of the famous artists who have already live-streamed their mini-concerts include Chris Martin of Coldplay and John Legend. To know which artists or bands will play for free, you should stay tuned to announcements posted on social media channels. 

Stay Physically Fit by Following Online Workout Instructors

Fitness instructors are also stepping up their game in these troubling times. Because most fitness centers are closed to the public, instructors have started offering online workout sessions. 

Some offer the classes for free while others charge a very minimal membership fee. You don’t need to have special work out equipment just to do your usual exercise routine. Best of all, you may choose to perform your physical routine at any time of the day.  

Start a Diary or a Blog

The situation can be quite overwhelming. Experts believe that even after the world survives the pandemic, a large fraction of the population might suffer from mental problems. To help you manage stress and anxiety attacks, you can write a diary or start a blog. Feel free to write down detailed accounts on what happens each day. If you want to do it old school, go ahead and unleash your creative side by using crayons, pens and other kinds of art materials. 

If you will use blogs, you should look for templates and themes that you can customize according to your preference. Most of these are fairly easy to use even without prior web design knowledge or background.

It’s hard to say how long the lockdown would last. Everyone hopes for the situation to resolve quickly in order to save millions of people all around the world. Stay safe in your homes and hope for the best outcome.