Jml Magic Layer Review

Jml Magic Layer Review

I’m a thermal fan, loving to add thermal layers under my clothing as we head deeper into the cold months. Most of my thermal layers are fairly thick and suited to be worn alone or under regular clothes in only very cold temperatures because they add too much bulk. I like a nice barrier from the cold which doesn’t leave me sweating to death but that can be a rare find in the world of thermals.


JML’s Magic Layer* is a super thin thermal top which uses something I’d never heard of before – Tactel fibres to lock-in heat. This virtually seamless nude layer stretches over your body comfortably and retains your body heat really well. What I really like about this top is how fine the material is, allowing it to sit under your regular clothes without adding bulk but also keeping you toasty. I’ve worn the top in a range of circumstances, for instance: under fairly formal office clothes for a meeting in a draughty loft space on a pretty windy and cold day, wearing a light dress and cardigan whilst sitting in the pub beer garden – rather optimistically hoping for a spot of sunshine, and under a big, baggy sweatshirt whilst out walking the dog on a very frosty morning.

I have been really pleased with how well the top performed and how warm I felt whilst wearing it in during all of these occasions. I also felt like the top some how responded to my body heat. I was kept very warm when I had a meeting in a cold, draughty room but afterwards when I nipped into a boiling hot department store I didn’t overheat and feel overcome with the urge to strip off all my clothes 30 seconds after crossing the threshold. The material is incredibly fine – a tights like material – and I had wondered if it would retain any heat at all but retain heat it did. I did also think the fabric would be prone to laddering or snagging due to its close resemblance to tights (I should add it does feel slightly softer and silkier in comparison to tights) but as yet after several wears and washes it seems to be totally ladder and snag free. One important factor in garments like this is the bend-test. How much of your back is exposed and therefore made cold when you bend down. Luckily at around 5ft 6 this top has a good amount of length which allows for it to be tucked into skirt or trousers and therefore defeating the bend-test in one swipe of it’s thermal arms.

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