Janitor Cleaning Tips and Tricks for Commercial Spaces

Janitor Cleaning Tips and Tricks for Commercial Spaces

It is not easy to keep a large commercial space or office clean. You need to have a professional touch, a keen eye and lots of energy. It is a job you can do for many years but you will always learn more about it.

We have put together a handy guide to assist those responsible for cleaning commercial spaces. It contains useful tips and tricks that will help you get the best results. This guide contains janitorial cleaning tricks and tips for commercial spaces.

Janitorial Cleaning Tips For Commercial Spaces

Here are some great tips and tricks to help you quickly clean commercial spaces.

Control the energy being used

Although sustainability is often discussed in our day and age, it is not easy to implement. Commercial cleaning’s janitorial staff plays a significant role as they often leave commercial spaces at the end.

You can inform the janitorial staff about ways they can conserve energy by using a color-coded system. Red dots can be used for machines that can be shut off, green for machines that must be running continuously, and yellow for elements that must be confirmed with clients before they are turned off.

This system saves the company tons of energy, and it invariably increases the company’s finances.

Disinfecting sanitizers should be available throughout the office

One way to maintain the hygiene standards in an office is to distribute sanitizers throughout the building. This is useful all year, but it’s especially helpful during flu season. Clients often appreciate this valuable addition to their resources.

Make sure to clean your floors thoroughly

Cleaning up floors can be time-consuming and require a lot of effort from the cleaners. You can get the job done right by taking your time. It is common to rush the first half of a large-sized job and run out of energy the second. In this instance, patience is the most important and best tip for commercial cleaners or janitorial services in Toronto.

All floors can be cleaned with a neutral cleaner

We have covered some tips about how to clean large areas of flooring. Now let’s get into the details. When cleaning floors, it is crucial to pay attention to the pH level of any cleaners or other solutions. You should always use a neutral pH solution. This means the solution should have a pH of 7.

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High acidic cleaners can stain floors and rub off surfaces. A neutral solution is best for this job.

All electronics and appliances must be cleaned

Modern offices contain a lot of electronic and appliance items, so it is important to thoroughly clean them. Use a disinfectant to clean the electronics. Also, make sure you get the handsets. They are known for being magnets for bacteria and germs.

Clean the walls

Walls are often overlooked by janitorial staff. This is especially true for areas with white walls or other light colors. This is because dirt tends to accumulate over time on these walls, so it is important to include this task in your schedule.

Dust from the top to the bottom

There are many ways to clean commercial spaces, but the most effective method is to clean from top to bottom. You need to first focus on higher surfaces (such as ceilings, shelves, fans), before moving onto the floor.

This makes cleaning much easier, as dust from higher surfaces will fall to the floor. You can then clean the floor right at the end.

To keep your floors clean, install mats

Mats can be used to reduce cleaning chores. Mats are great for collecting snow, dirt, and other particles that may enter your office.

Before you even start cleaning, strategize.

It doesn’t matter how big or intense the project is, it’s always a good idea for you to create a cleaning plan before you start to do the actual job. This includes understanding how the various sections will need to be cleaned and what cleaning tools you will use for each.

You will make fewer mistakes by creating a plan and running it through you or writing it down on paper before you begin.

Always disinfect and deodorize

Last but not least, be sure to finish all cleaning tasks by disinfecting and deodorizing surfaces before leaving commercial spaces.