Jane Asher At Poundland

Jane Asher At Poundland

To test them out I picked up 5 amazing items from the range – items we actually really need since moving house and throwing out a lot of broken bits and bobs we’d had since our share house days. The products ideas all come attached to packaging which share a different Jane Asher recipe and kitchen tip.

I Picked Out the following 5 items:

15cm Sieve in Mint Green

This sieve is my least favourite from the items I picked up. Whilst the handle is quite sturdy the mesh part is just a little too flimsy and whilst it hasn’t broken yet I can tell it’s really only for very, very delicate use like occasionally sprinkling a very amount small icing sugar and wouldn’t take much else at all. I tried to sift some flour with it and I didn’t feel confident knocking my hand against the side gently, it felt like the mesh would come away from the moulding. Whisk with pink handle A great basic whisk with an easy to grip handle and no faff whisk head. This is also super easy to wash up by hand which is always a plus point when it comes to fiddly kitchen bits like this.

Kitchen Tongs in Blue

Tongs like these are endlessly useful for a myriad of things in the kitchen. We always have at least two pairs in rotation and it’s great to add an extra pair into the mix. The handles on these are a little shorter than what I’m used to but it’s not a problem, in fact I feel like I have more control when it comes to flipping over a piece of meat or fish. These are far cheaper than I’ve seen silicone tipped tongs priced at and they’re of the exact same quality as the more expensive pairs we own here at Thrifty Towers.

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Measuring Cups and Spoons in Lilac

These are light but sturdy and the measurement range is both huge and useful.

Pastry Brush in Pink

This is the easiest to clean pastry brush I own (and I think I own 4 or 5). I don’t actually use it for makin pastry and cake though, I prefer these kinds of brushes for coating meat with marinades, herb mixes or spice sauces. I have to say I’m impressed with the range as a whole. My favourites are the measuring cups and spoons set (above) which wash up a treat and have such a useful range of sizes that I find them incredibly useful for measuring out spices for curries etc. I think this is a great range for anyone starting up home on a budget, going off to uni or looking to replenish their kitchen equipment with cheap and easy to care for items. The range is far more extensive than I can show here in one photo, featuring everything from non-stick baking trays through to ceramic dishes, kitchen scales and special cases to transport your cakes in. My local Poundland had a huge amount of stock, so it is well worth popping in on your way past if you need something in particular.