It’s coming!

It’s coming!

Christmas is coming. I’m sorry, it is, it is. My birthday is just before Christmas, so I’m not really one for celebrating months in advance (we don’t tend to put our tree up until the 23rd) but I am the kind of person who buys gifts, food, drink and fiddly little bits months in advance. There’s nothing worse than having to spend all of November’s pay packet on Christmas gifts and Christmas gifts alone, there are parties to go to and I like new dresses! I like to spread the cost. This is the very latest in the year that I would start shopping for Christmas, infact I started in the January sales (yes, I’m one of those sickening people.) Now, I’m not saying I don’t end up rushing around a few days before Christmas but I do a LOT less running around now that I spread the cost, not to mention the effort across the year.

I’ve been bookmarking ideas for months and buying here and there.
Here are some of the ideas.

 Mother in law -62.

1. Gorgeous knitting needles.
2.– Beautiful lambswood gloves from Toast
3.– Gardener’s Hand Therapy Cream
4.– Homedics hot water bottle
5.– Charlotte Macey napkins
6.– Vogue Knitting: The Ultimate Sock Book

 Father in law -63.

1.- Cashmere scarf
2.- Cufflinks
3. – Yes Minister DVD boxset
4.– The Ball is Round: A Global History of Football
5.– Birdwatcher’s Daily Companion
6.- RSPB Membership

Brother in law -30.(always travelling and going back to uni)

1.- Laundry Paper
2.– Bob Dylan Writings
3.– 300 Beers To Try Before You Die
4.– Wind up bike light
5.– Thermos Food Flask
6.– Classic Cowboy Stories

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Best friend -26. (Kitsch lover)

1.– Chocolate Hamper
2.– Cat ring
3.– Gingerbread man soap
4.– Blythe postcards
5.– Baked bean earrings
6.– Kitsch Deluxe

This is obviously all inspiration. They won’t be getting all of this! I’ll be making chutney, various drinks and other tasty treats along with knitting and crocheting up a storm as the weeks to Christmas draw in. I’ll share some more of my gift inspiration as we get nearer to Christmas.

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