Is It Possible To Vape Water? Learn More

Is It Possible To Vape Water? Learn More

Vaping is indeed a great hobby. The thrill and excitement to inhale & exhale in numerous ways & styles make the process all the more rewarding. So, for a vaper who is just beginning his or her journey, it can be possible that there might be some weird queries in his or her mind. 

One of the commonly asked weird questions by beginners include, ‘is it possible to vape water using a Storz and Bickel vaporizer?’ While for veterans and the people who have been vaping for a considerable amount of time, this question might sound stupid, which is the only reason why we are here to scientifically prove whether it’s possible to vape water.  

Use Of Water In Vaping

Even though water is occasionally utilised for creating high concentrations of vaping juices, the inclusion of more water can make the juice evaporate easily. Generally, vaping juices tend to be highly viscous. So, if any vaper wants to dilute the highly viscous solutions by five or ten percent, he or she will be utilising water for the same. Apart from the aforementioned usage, water is generally not used for vaping.

What Happens When You Only Use Water For Vaping?

When you only utilise water for vaping, the ultimate result is water vapour. So, when you try to smoke the water vapour, the vapour will simply condense in the mouth. Since water vapour or steam is very hot, there are greater chances of you facing mouth burns, especially in the tongue & lips. Worst case scenario would be burning the pharynx. And by the time the water vapour will reach your lungs, the water vapour will turn into body temperature with little to no effect. 

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One of the psychological benefits of vaping is the excitement & thrill to create huge clouds of vapour and having the most enjoyment. But, you can’t expect the same when vaping water. Once you inhale water vapour, the vapour will simply turn into the water via condensation and you’ll not have any chance to experience clouds of vapour. There will be no fun or excitement in carrying out such a procedure. 

In case you’re planning to add flavour to the experience of vaping water, then you should know that your entire process will be a massive wastage of time & effort. Water is not very good when it comes to retaining flavours, which is why there’s not much benefit in trying to vape water. 

Closing Thoughts

Therefore, from the above-mentioned sets of examples, it’s quite clear that water is not made for vaping. Thus, it’s highly suggested that you only use vaping mediums that are strictly made for vaping and nothing else. Using water would simply turn out to be a bad idea.