Is Cosmetic Dentistry the Right Choice for You?

Everyone wants to look their best, but as you age, your teeth inevitably experience some wear. While issues like receding gums and cavities are medical problems that need to be dealt with in order to maintain good oral health, other issues — like discoloration or crookedness — aren’t a problem from a health perspective but may be cause for self-consciousness. 

Cosmetic dentistry has become increasingly popular in recent years as new technology puts procedures such as veneers, bonding, whitening, and Invisalign within reach of ordinary people. But is it right for you?

This piece will cover some of the most common procedures and the practical benefits that accrue from undergoing them so you can make an informed decision. 


Have you ever been struck by how white the teeth of celebrities and television hosts are? It’s not an accident: there is nothing quite as beautiful as a radiant smile, which is one of the reasons why teeth whitening is the number one most popular cosmetic dental procedure in America. 

Teeth whitening is a safe, easy procedure that can be carried out quickly by your local dentist in Boynton beach. Using carbamide peroxide, dentists can remove stains and discoloration, and also lighten the pigmentation in your teeth more generally. If you’re looking for a Boynton dentist who can help roll back the years and make your smile dazzling again, teeth whitening might be the best choice. 

Dental Veneers 

For many people, coffee, tea, red wine, and tobacco are some of life’s greatest pleasures. But over time, they also leave a mark on your mouth in the form of damaged and discolored teeth, and the only way to return your teeth to their former state is by using veneers.

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As the name suggests, veneers are shells permanently bonded to your teeth to give them a new look. Veneers can be used on all your teeth, but because they can be color-matched, you can also cover individual teeth without making them stand out. 


Not long ago, if your teeth were crooked braces were the only solution. Typically applied during early adolescence, braces were bulky, cumbersome, and unsightly, but over the course of a couple of years they did the trick and straightened teeth out. 

Of course, not every family was able to afford braces for their children, which means that many adults who would have benefitted from this procedure are caught between their desire for a more regular smile and their reluctance to spend years in their twenties or thirties wearing braces. 

Fortunately, there is now an alternative: Invisalign. Using custom plastic molds designed to slowly bring your teeth into alignment, you can fix your teeth without having to look like a ninth-grader. For those with poorly aligned teeth, this is a real game-changer that makes it possible to get the smile you’ve always wanted discretely. 

Cosmetic dentistry is often talked about as a frill — something nice, but not necessary. But as anyone who has stained or crooked teeth knows, constantly feeling self-conscious whenever you open your mouth is not a small thing. 

Whatever your particular dental situation, getting in touch with a Boynton Beach dentist who can advise you about your cosmetic dentistry options could be the first step toward a smile that will make you feel comfortable and confident.