Intense Freshness

Intense Freshness

Over the weekend I was out to lunch with my friend and we found ourselves sitting in an intensely stinky pub beer garden. You see the pub backs on to the canal and the aroma springing forth from said canal on a very hot day was pungent. This particular breed of pungent, was my friend assured me, not dissimilar to that of a 15 year old school boy’s trainers which he did cross country running in during winter term but decided not to bring them home from his locker until the last day of the school year – times 7000. While I had gone inside to get drinks my friend had got her hustle on and moved tables and I came outside to find her with my bag to her nose, inhaling deeply whilst arranging herself in her new chair.

“What the heck are you doing?” I asked

Pointed toward some pots containing various plants and flowers.“It smells much fresher over by these flowers, I was using your bag as a surgical mask whilst I ferried the prams and shopping across.” she said through a muffled laugh.“Oh right, seems err…normal” I replied sitting down “it does smell better, further away but not much” I grabbed my bag back to put my purse inside and she recoiled in horror “It’s back, I can smell the canal, come on let’s go inside.”As I lifted my bag back off the floor, where I had just plonked it, and looked inside to check everything was inside, I laughed and realised it was my bag that had distracted her from the canal stench. I chucked it back over to her and laughed “smell that again, I washed it last week.”She didn’t believe the freshness could possibly have come from fabric conditioner, especially a week after washing. So when she dropped me back home I insisted she come in for a cuppa whilst I popped into the utility room to grab her a bottle of my Comfort Intense* to try for herself. The next day I got a text:

“Sheets Smell Amazing, do you think I Could Wash Toby’s (her 15 year old son) Trainers with This?”

As you’ll know from this previous post and my last one here, I’ve been trying out Comfort Intense, a range of fabric softeners designed to give your washing intense freshness, for the past month or so and I’m pleased to say I have really enjoyed using them. And boy have I used them! With the temperature hitting well into the thirties (Celsius) over the past week or so, I have been taking advantage of the sun to wash everything in sight. Those vintage clothes I don’t wear any more? They’ve been washed, ironed and listed on eBay. The sofa covers are fresh and clean and even the spare room curtains have made it into the washing machine for a quick clean – I feel really good about my house right now.

Even a few of my handbags, blankets and my childhood Care Bear (which I believe I got for either my 2nd or 3rd birthday meaning Birthday Bear is either 30 or about to turn 30 this year) have been for a mid-year washing machine freshen and come out as good as new and smelling great.There is something so satisfying about getting your washing out on the line to dry, isn’t there? Or am I the only loser who finds satisfaction in these kinds of things? Most of the time we have to settle for a quick blast in the dryer or hung on a clothes horse, so to have the satisfaction of hanging clothes outside to dry FOR FREE fills me a particular kind of glee. Did you know in some new build apartment blocks and housing estates that residents are forbidden, contractually, from hanging their washing on the line? Utterly baffling.

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Anyway back to the fabric conditioner. I’m often sceptical about claims for lasting scents, the degree in which a scent lasts is often barely detectable but with all three of the scents I tried (Fresh Sky, Sunburst and Fuchsia Passion) I found the opposite. The scent and accompanying freshness lasted from the moment I took the washing out of the machine, through every step of the laundry process (and it does go on a bit, doesn’t it), all the way to taking it out of the wardrobe or like my bag above when you’re wearing or using it. I love smelling washing fresh and clean from the machine but it’s even better when that intense freshness lasts well beyond pegging it outside or folding it into a drawer.

When you’re in London on the tube and everything smells of sweat but you and your clothes still smell and feel fresh even though you’ve been wearing them since 6am, then you’re onto a winner.The scents are neither cloying or over-powering but clean, fresh and airy, I couldn’t cope with one of those headache inducing scents on my clothes or bedlinen on a daily basis. My favourite of the 3 has to be Sunburst (in the yellow bottle), it smells just like a warm summer day – you know the ones you crave after 6 months of grey skies and rain? Those day that should be available on prescription. I think I’ll be saving this bottle for the winter months, I’ll wash my duvet cover in it and wrap myself deep inside and pretend it isn’t bleak, bleak January. Sunburst makes me feel enveloped in summer, like I have the sun on my back and warmth in my hair, blissful. Mr Thrifty loves Fresh Sky (blue bottle) and apparently Fuchsia Passion (pink bottle) really floats my pungent canal hating friend’s boat.

What I particularly like is how small the bottle is (perfect for terraced house living) and how little product you need to use. The innovative tiny cap enables you to sensibly meter your dosage, meaning the product lasts a super long time. I find the smallest recommended amount (15ml) works perfectly for most washes, providing longevity of both freshness and softness and meaning you don’t have to fling the bottle in the recycling bin for a really long time. Comfort Intense is certainly something I will be adding to my shopping basket for a long time to come, it’s an instant utility room classic. Comfort Intense is a new fabric conditioner from the UK’s number 1  fabric conditioner brand. This next generation fabric conditioner is specially formulated to give you intense freshness out of the wash, intense freshness out of the wardrobe and intense freshness that lasts and lasts.