Insitu Architectural Salvage

Insitu Architectural Salvage

Yesterday Mr Thrifty and I popped down to a salvage yard in Manchester, specifically INSITU Architectural Salvage which is less of a yard and more of a fantastic old building stuffed full of beautiful bits and bobs and helpful staff. We’re at the stage of our renovation where we need to start thinking about the likes of fireplaces, doors, radiators, lighting and sinks. Buying an already existing item is right up our street and it means we can have a few little quirks in our home. Renovating a house can be costly both for your pocket and the environment so shopping somewhere like this will definitely strike the right cord.

Reclaimed doors, in my opinion, can be far more beautiful than those from a DIY shop, and cost wise the doors we saw yesterday were coming it at around £15-£20 each cheaper than the brand new ones we had been considering. The sheer volume of stuff housed in INSITU is mind boggling, from bathrooms, reclaimed floors, stained glass windows and fireplaces through to furniture, vintage homeware, vintage clothes and quite literally the kitchen sink. We came armed with some measurements but we left with nothing purely because we saw much more than we had bargained for and have a lot of thinking to do. If you’re up north and renovating a house or just tarting up a room or two then INSITU is a definite must visit. It’s the kind of place you need to visit once just to take it all in then go back for another, more specific look. If you’re into vintage, antiques or unusual bits and bobs then this place is definitely worth a mooch around – make sure you take a look at the furniture upstairs! I can’t wait to pootle up there one Saturday to pick out a fireplace for our sitting room and a sink for the bathroom at the very least!

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