Brief Information about Pandora Bracelet and Clasp Opener

Brief Information about Pandora Bracelet and Clasp Opener

The exquisite Pandora bracelet lets you include custom charms with special importance. One of the signs of the Pandora bracelet is its secret clasp, which can be dubious to open. The clasp is intended to upgrade the magnificence of the bracelet while guaranteeing it stays safely on your wrist. 

Pandora charm bracelets are well-known bits of gems that, at first sold in Denmark, have ventured into numerous zones of the world. Wearers can customize these bracelets, for example, the organization’s gold, silver, and more affordable rope-style pieces, making them articulations of distinction. Altering the vibe of your Pandora bracelet is as basic as including, or exchanging up, the charms and dots. 

Most Pandora bracelets include a particular sort of snap clasp called a barrel catch. It’s firm however it’s anything but difficult to pry open with your fingers or a catch opener. The plug decorative beads ensuring the parts of the bargains open a similar way. At the point when you’re prepared to wear your armband once more, you can snap the fastens shut to seal them. 

Discover Your Wrist Size

Wrap aflexible measuring tape around your wrist, just beneath the wrist bone. Pull it tight so it’s cozy, however not awkward. This is your wrist size. 

If you include over 5 charms, select one size bigger than your standard size. The most famous bracelet sizes are the 18cm/7.1? and 19cm/7.5? varieties.

How to Open Pandora Bracelet

Find the clasp on the Pandora bracelet. It’s hidden as adecorative bead and is hard to recognize from different dots on the wristband. The fasten dot will have a slight cut on it from start to finish. 

Handle the bracelet delicately on either side of the catch dot, and press your thumbnail into its cut with enough strain to open up the pivoted clasp. 

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Utilize your fingers to completely open the pivoted catch globule to uncover the finish of the armband in its scored support.

Lift the bracelet’s end piece out of the scored support piece. 

Clasp Opener

Pandora sells a lovely, blossom molded flower clasp opener, which can be utilized to open the claspbead rather than your thumbnail. At the point when not being used, the clasp opener serves as a mobile phone engage. 

Buy another Pandora bead or charm, or an assortment of new beads and charms, for your Pandora bracelet whenever wanted. These beads can be bought online on the Pandora site or from approved online Pandora sellers.


  • Abstain from rolling the bracelet off your hand. Open the clasps to abstain from extending and harming it. 
  • Continuously ensure the plug bead is set up before you close the bracelet clasp. 
  • Be cautious when opening the bracelet and plug bead. Nothing will hold different dabs set up, so they can tumble off the bracelet. 
  • Opening and shutting the clasps don’t require a huge amount of power, so check them on the off chance that they give you trouble. You might not have the parts adjusted accurately. 
  • Abstain from constraining the clasps shut, or, in all likelihood, you could harm them
  • On the off chance that the clasp feels free or is too difficult to even consider opening, take it to the nearest Pandora retailer. Have them investigate it. They might have the option to fix it or supplant it.