Important Precautions To Take To Prevent Your Vape Coil From Burning!

Important Precautions To Take To Prevent Your Vape Coil From Burning!

Imagine enjoying your leisure time puffing from your vaping device. You expect the familiar flavour of your favourite vaping fluid. But all you get is a pungent taste in your mouth suddenly! The weird taste of burning spoils not only your taste-bud, but also your mood! Wondering how it happened? It’s actually your coil burning, ready to give your wallet a huge blow!  You may get a hint before hand if your coil starts burning, you can sense with smell and taste. But, if you tend to ignore the same, or delay a little in action, it can cause your coil to burn totally and a new replacement is needed for the same.

Prevent your coil from burning with these steps

For vapers, this can be a drastic issue! When their pen vapes or Juul pods in UK get burnt, they tend to take it pretty seriously. Therefore, it’s better to know the causes and the preventive measures!

Priming of coil before vaping — Priming your coil before vaping is necessary to prevent it from burning. After inserting the coil, you have to wait for sometime for the wick to get soaked. In case you press fire button before the wick gets soaked, the coil has no juice to absorb the heat, and consequently it burns the coil. Also, some may start puffing the e-cigarette before pressing the fire button. This forcefully sucks e-liquid into the wick, which may also be a reason for it getting burnt.

Use an e-juice with fewer sweeteners — Most of the time, when we opt for a liquid which has fruity flavours or falls in the dessert category, it contains a good amount of sugar in it. This sugar becomes gunk in the coil (as sugar caramelises in heat), this can in turn damage the coil petty badly. It’s therefore better to go for the e-juices consisting of lesser amount of sugar. You can choose from a variety of them available in the Electronic Cigarette Shop in London. Lontech shop is a shop that provides you with all kinds of e-juices and also other vaping essentials at the best rates.

Don’t chain vape — Chain vaping is harmful as it is! It also affects your coil a lot. Normally, your wick needs re-saturation before you start to vape after a session. But if you continuously go on vaping for a longer span of time, in some time, your wicks will dry out. Then if you vape again, you’ll be burning the wick. You can prevent it by pausing vaping for some time in between. You can get to know the wick is getting dry because of diminishing taste and flavour. If this happens, wait for five to ten minutes and let your tank do its work while the re-priming happens on its own.

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Reduction in power settings — When you vape at a high power, you are actually vaporising more of the juice with each passing puff. Since, the vaping is going on in a rapid rate, it pressurises your wick which burns if it isn’t compatible with the continuous high pressure.   This can thus affect the coil. The solution can be just to reduce the power. It’s mostly preferred to start from the lowest and then increase gradually, in this way there’s a minimum risk of your coil getting burnt.

 Always make sure your tank is topped adequately — We all know that reduction of juices causes the coil to burn. If your liquid has dried up and is in a very low quantity, the wick won’t get soaked which causes the burning. The best solution for this can be to keep the tank always filled with juices. In case the flavour diminishes and you feel the liquid has dried up, you just have to clean the tank and refill it again before vaping.

Use temperature control devices — There are cases when the temperature, though set low, shoots out by a silly mistake on our part and burns the coil. Using a temperature control device can be the best option to avoid it. These temperature control devices track the changes in resistance which can occur when coil gets heated.  It allows you to set up a certain temperature, and if that level is reached, it makes the e-cigarette stop heating. Even if you try to puff from it, without a sufficient quantity of juice in it, it won’t allow the device to perform.

Vaping can be a pleasurable, and who would like a major hindrance like a coil burnt up in between such an experience? It’s better to avoid such occurrence with these tips!