Ikeas 95 Sofa Klobo

Ikeas 95 Sofa Klobo

Just over a year ago we were a one sofa family and it all started to get a bit silly when we wanted to sprawl out and relax. Not having the largest of budgets we investigated second-hand options but nothing was turning up in our area and in a bid of desperation we went for Ikea’s KLOBO two-seater sofa for ¬£95. We read both good and bad things online about the flat pack sofa (yup we brought it home in our teeny, tiny VW Polo) so we went to have a look at it in local Ikea store. It seemed basic but sturdy enough, so after some umming and ahhing we handed over our 95 notes and took it home. Putting it together was as easy as pie, it really was just a case of slotting four parts together (the back, the seat and the two sides) and screwing on the legs. It took less than half an hour and suddenly, just like that, we were a two sofa family. Hurrah for the new arrival.

Ikea KLOBO Sofa Review

We’ve lived with the sofa for a year now, so it’s time to tell you what we think of it. The sofa is a small two seater and as such we were never expecting a huge sofa to sprawl out on but there is definitely a good amount of space for comfortable loafing about without lying completely (or even partially) flat which is pretty much what we wanted. Comfort wise the seat is deep and the back portion, although not very high is firm and shows no signs of sagging or loosing any plumpness. The arms are only padded to the top which is a little disappointing and it often puts me off settling on the sofa for a long period of time.

From the moment we took the parts out of the box I was a bit annoyed by the fabric on the arm/side portion. It looks like it is pulled too tight and it has given it a funny pleated look but this hasn’t changed or become worse over time so I think it is just one of those things you have to put up with when it comes to a flat pack sofa under ¬£100. Unlike most modern sofas KLOBO does not have removable slip covers and it only comes in one colourway – cream. That along with the fact the side panels of the arms are hollow and unpadded to the side this sofa would not perhaps be a great choice for a home with rowdy children or large pets. I could see it easily becoming damage or stained.

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That said for a home with two adults, a tiny dog and 2-3 visitors a week, a sofa like KLOBO isn’t going to get a terrible bashing about and so far it is holding up really well. This sofa makes a great second sofa or extra seating for a low traffic home and I’m really glad we bought it. Further down the line I’m going to look at recovering the sofa or perhaps making a slipcover of some kind but for now I’m happy to chuck throws, blankets and cushions over it as that fits in with our ramshackle style.

Mr Thrifty’s Point of View:

“It’s not too bad. It’s comfy and not bad to lie on – and I’m 6ft2!”

Jarvis’ Point of View:


We love Klobo and we’re so glad we decided to go for it as it slots into our home easily and didn’t hurt our bank balance. I’d highly recommend this sofa if you’re in need of a low traffic seating area for your living room or maybe a comfy spot in a home office.

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