Some Out of the Shell Ideas for Exotic Home Interiors!

Some Out of the Shell Ideas for Exotic Home Interiors!

Considering the amount of investment we put in decorating our homes, it’s shameful to think of boring and monotonous designs! Your home interiors can be stunning, and look enchanting if you take the right efforts to beautify it. When it comes to home interiors and decor, your creativity can be a master, and you can follow your ideas for a great looking place.

But just having the right ideas and creative minds isn’t enough to create alluring home spaces. The experienced and expert hands of professionals like those from Ionna Lennox Interiors, reputed interior designers in Sydney offering residential interior designs, are equally important for a functional and aesthetic planning and execution. They have the power of magically transforming your stark space into an enticing home – so evidently, what they have to offer is worth trying. These designers transform your dreams into reality, and thus you get ravish homes, without too much stretch on your budget!

Most unique ideas that can create arresting home spaces for you!

Interior designs need not just be limited to large leather couches and wooden cabinetry. They go beyond that, and some of these ideas can be beyond your dreams. Read below about some such gorgeous home interior décor ideas that can make your home look pretty as a picture out of a magazine!

  • Zen like feeling in the heart of your home — Calm and peace are what we always run after! More so in our own homes. Be inspired by Asian Zen décor to welcome serenity to your home. With modern adaptations of course! First, create a backdrop with glass walls or wall to wall glass windows. Now, some floor cushions around a table, or slightly elevated low seating (your back and knees would thank you!) to let your vision flow around unhindered. Create a stunning view with greenery right outside. A water fountain nestled in a corner would take care of all your senses.
  • Trickling of water creating music and adding visual interest beneath your glass floors — Wooden floor or tiles are just outdated! How about walking on water? Just create a hollow space, cover with tiles in shades of aqua, fill it up with water, and cover it all up with tough glass. You may also put in pebbles and other ocean/aquarium themed décor items for added drama. Now you can enjoy the magical feeling of walking over water right in your own home!
  • Library in the ceiling — If books are your best friend, then you are perhaps always having a tussle with your family members when you bring in more friends into your home! In modern times, space is premium, storage is the most sought-after aspect in any design. Thinking vertical is the in thing now – be it garden or library. Tall ceilings look intimidating if left bare. Create shelving to store your books – make sure to keep a ladder handy to reach those books. You may even use ledges along ceilings for storing books. However, you should be comfortable climbing ladders to access your books.
  • Space saving stairs with storage — Stairs and space saving – perplexed?! Create those wooden steps in the house but don’t waste the area under the steps. Build some doors to them – use them to store shoes, coats etc., or simply make the steps as drawers and utilise this area for organised storing of those little objects that always get misplaced. 
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A home is your dream, and your dreams can have an unhindered wanderlust. But they also need to be practical and functional when transformed into living spaces. Just let your interior designer know about your thoughts, discuss and improvise upon the ideas, plan the practicalities — and have a space that is as unique and innovative as your persona!