How To Stay Warm In Bed

How To Stay Warm In Bed

Hopping into bed at night can reveal the true lack of warmth in the air. Not all of us want to sleep with the heating on and more importantly, few of us can afford to. Here are a few simple tips for keeping warm at bedtime.


1. Switch for a king

Mr Thrifty and I share a double bed but we also share a king size duvet. The added extra duvet means we can each get warm and toasty without the other ending up with an exposed back.

2. Flannel sheets

Flannel sheets were a revelation to me about 8 years ago. I had totally forgotten my mother switched our regular sheets out for flannel sheets come November when I was a child and I can totally appreciate why she did. Shortly after our wedding we invested in a nice set of flannel sheets and our bed has been toasty ever since. They don’t have to be expensive either, these for instance are a great price and we used to have them in our spare room (currently packed away until our renovations are over).

3. Mattress topper or second duvet

Popping a mattress topper or second duvet under your bottom sheet really keeps your bed warm and cocoons you in an extra layer of snug, soft comfort. Opt for a topper which can be secured under your mattress that way it doesn’t shift around when you move during the night.

4. Bed socks

I can’t keep socks on all night even if the temperature dips well below zero, however wearing them when I first get into bed keeps me toasty enough to drift off into the land of nod. I will always find them discarded on the floor in the morning but at least I’ll have slept well.

5. Hot water bottle

Oh how I love hot water bottles. We have at least 5 in our house and our dog has claimed one as his very own. An hour or so before bed we will make up the rest of the hot water bottles, shoving two under the duvet to warm up the bed nicely and then snuggling on the sofa with the other two. I find it helps to go to bed feeling warm because you’ve already got a level of warmth to work with.

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6. Exercise

We always take our hound out for a walk just before bed. We bundle up in warm clothes and march around watching our breath bellow from our mouths but it increases the heart rate and really gets the blood flowing leaving us warm underneath our layers of clothes.
Don’t forget there are other forms of exercise one can partake in at bedtime which will more than warm you up, if you catch my drift.

7. Hot drink

Grabbing a hot drink before you head upstairs to bed will warm not only your inners but your hands. You don’t have to knock back a caffeinated drink just before bed either, there are many and varied options such as herbal tea, hot chocolate, Horlicks and even hot water and lemon.

8. Gloves

Now obviously you don’t want to go to bed wearing gloves every night but some nights the temperature is beyond freezing. Once, (about 4 houses back) our landlord refused to fix our heating and the temperature dipped to about -15, it was COLD. I was ever so thankful to dig out a pair of these gloves from Boots. These gloves are actually designed to be slipped on to retain moisture from lotion but they’ve become my secret weapon against the cold. I can read a book in bed without my hands turning blue.

9. Thermal layer

Adding a thermal layer really helps on those bitter nights. I love thermal pyjamas but adding a layer of thermal leggings or a thermal vest under your regular pyjamas means you can double up on warmth but also easily strip down if you overheat during the night.