How To Remove Bobbles And Piling From Clothes

How To Remove Bobbles And Piling From Clothes

More often than not when I find a cardigan or jumper in a charity shop it will have a cluster of bobbling or piling somewhere and it used to be off-putting until I discovered an easy way to remove bobbles from Fabric Sweater, completely by accident.

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I use velcro rollers! I know some people heartily recommend using a razor but I’m just too clumsy for that if you can track down my husband, talk to him about the way I hack at my legs with a razor. Blood bath ahoy. Youch! I discovered velcro rollers were the magic trick when I dropped a box of them onto a cashmere jumper. I panicked because I imagined pulling them all off would leave me with a bald jumper, which is sexy. But thankfully it just peeled off the few bobbles which had accumulated across the side of the boob and underside of the sleeve – which I like to call Big Girl’s Bobble, our boobs stick out further so more of the arm rubs against it, meaning the boob and arm get that bit further covered in piling and bobbles. Again, sexy.

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You can pick up cheap packets of velcro style rollers from pound shops and whilst I probably wouldn’t trust them on my locks, they are just about soft enough to use on even delicate items like lambswool or cashmere.

Simply lay your garment on a flat surface, spread it out flat and plonk the roller onto the bobbled or piled patch. Pull the area taut and very slowly pinch and peel the roller away, rolling out in an upwards movement and continue elsewhere on the garment until it is all removed.

It’s easy enough to remove the material from the roller with your fingers or a fine-ish comb so you can use it again and again. This trick works better than a razor every single time!