How To Remodel Your Bathroom With A Strict Budget?

How To Remodel Your Bathroom With A Strict Budget?

Want to renovate your bathroom, but do not how to do it without exhausting all your savings? You have landed up on the correct page as we have options that can give your bathroom an elegant and relaxing look without costing you a fortune. 

Bathroom Remodeling & Makeovers

Studies say an average bathroom remodel costs somewhere around $10,500, and if you want to upscale remodel, you can spend a hefty sum of $26,000 also. But, with some creative budget bathroom renovations Brisbane tips, you can repair it within a budget of $1,000 to $3,000 – depending on how much you want to change.

Interior of the modern design bathroom 3D rendering
Interior of the modern design bathroom 3D rendering
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Budget Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

Use a lesser number of tiles

Tiles are costly, and then you have the cost of hiring a contractor. Think out of the box and use tiles judiciously on high-impact areas such as only the floor and exclude the inside portion of the shower stall walls.

If you have always wanted to use some artistic tiles, use them along with cheaper ones – you will save tons while highlighting the expensive ones.

Experiment with Countertops Designs

Unlike the kitchen countertops, the bathroom ones are smaller. But, if you purchase the neutral colors like brown, white, and light beige, you will have to pay more as they are more popular and thus costlier. Go for more vibrant colors – they can become the focal point in your bathroom and add life to the entire area.

You can also purchase the granite slab containing imperfections, as these come cheaper. Remember, the sink basin mostly takes up a lot of surface area, so if you can place the faults strategically where the sink or faucets it, it will never be visible!

Fresh dash of paint

One of the most inexpensive renovation techniques is upgrading the color of the bathroom. Being small, repainting this area doesn’t cost you much and can give a new look pretty quickly. And you can also do it yourself. But, you need to be extra careful, and though it saves a lot of money, it takes up a lot of time!

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Additionally, you must also remember that a bathroom is a place that develops molds and mildews very easily due to frequent change if humidity and temperature. So, you must never compromise with the quality of the paint, and ideally, get a satin finish. If you are ready to spend a few extra bucks, use special bathroom paint on the ceilings – it restricts the growth of molds.

Upgrade Full Bathroom & Fixtures

Small bathroom things such as the light fixtures, towel racks, pulls, knobs, and sink faucets make a lot of difference – and upgrading them with the new ones can not only be done within a budget but are also easy renovation hacks. 

You need not always purchase these minute fixtures from branded stores – get them when you find discounts going on and keep them changing as and when the need arises. 

Knobs and handles come in different materials, colors, and designs, and they tend to grow out of fashion too easily. Thus, investing hefty amounts on them is not always a great ides. Instead, buy trendy ones and change them frequently.

Redo, when you can

Replacing your bathtub is a costly affair, so why not get it professionally relined when you can? Then there are other vintage bathroom fixtures, which you may not want to part away with – if made of fiberglass, or porcelain, or cast iron, you can do a DIY refinish on them. But, if you want to avoid all the hassles, contact your local shops, they will surely help you out.

However, don’t try to use this trick of refinishing on the sink and shower fixtures – refinishing these will cost you more than replacing. 

Go green

If you are planning to upgrade your bathroom, use low-flow toilets, showerheads remodel, and sinks – they help you preserve water. There are water-saving showerheads and faucets, which also cost the same, as the traditional ones, if not lesser than them. Thus, you do not only save while purchasing the products, but you also save on your water consumption and bills.