How To Prepare Your Floor For Floor Tiling?

How To Prepare Your Floor For Floor Tiling?

New tiling can give your floors a new look and make it brand new. If you are planning to give your floors a makeover, then you should probably take notes of all the tips discussed in this article. 

If you are doing the tiling process yourselves, you can save some amount of money in the process of renovation. It is needless to mention that you need your tiles to look great and should be durable. The following tips will get your floors ready for a tiling makeover.

Preparing Floor For Tiling


Measurements come first in the process of floor tiling. Ensure you arrange and get your tiles before you fire, tearing up the old ground surface to speed the procedure. Measure your space to decide what number of tiles you will require. The length and the width are multiplied, and you can even add 10 % to be on the safer side. While doing the measurements, be as accurate as possible for a cleaner finish. Once you choose the type of tile you are about the use and the dimensions of each unit of the tile, you can go ahead and calculate the number of tiles that are required. 


Tiles can be installed easily on most surfaces. The only issue regarding the stacking up of tiles over other surfaces is that there will be an increase in height. This might be favorable in some cases and not in some cases. Make sure that you keep the surface stability and height into consideration before stacking up the tiles. If you are okay with an increase in height upto few centimeters, you can do the stacking of new tiles over the old flooring.


You can remove your already existing floor if you do not want to overlay the tiles. This job can get a bit messy, but it is essential. This process is done based on the type of floor. Some flooring can be removed using a utility knife or even a heat gun. The gun can be used to loosen the glue and remove the flooring easily in the case of Linoleum floors. You can also make use of a chisel in case of hard materials. After the removal of the old floor, take some time to examine the condition of the subfloor and find out if there is a need for repairs. You need to make sure that the sub-roof is dry and proper before you start installing the tiles.

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Your tiles must be able to last regardless of its continuous contact with water. Waterproofing tiles will help you increase the durability, and you need not panic every time you spill water over your tiles. Especially in bathrooms, you need to put extra care in making the tiles waterproof. For this process, you can pull a DIY, but it is better always to seek the help of professionals for waterproofing your tiles. Companies that offer Auckland bathroom tiles  in Auckland provide such services. These professional services will help you to give your tiles a proper finish. 


Get the basic idea of the processes behind floor tiling before jumping into the work. After you get the fundamental idea, you can choose if you can do the tiling yourself or get professional help. The most significant part is to ensure if you can. Contrast the cost of expert assistance and that of the apparatuses and gear you will need, and make sure you choose the most effective and cost-efficient option. Do not compromise on the quality of the tiling as it is a significant part of your living space.