How to Pick Kitchen Cabinet Colors: A Guide to Mixing and Matching

Finding the perfect kitchen design isn’t easy. More often than not, it’s also expensive.

One simple trick is to focus on your kitchen cabinets to pull off a new design. This gives you an easy thing to work on without ruining your budget. It’s a great DIY project to put a new paint finish on your cabinets.

If you’re uncertain how to match up your colors, keep reading. Listed down below are tips to help you with all your future small kitchen ideas and designs!

Black and White

You’ve heard the saying that everything matches with black and white. It’s true for all home decor ideas, too!

Pair up any color you desire with these two, and it’ll look beautiful and elegant. The only thing to keep in mind is the overall feeling you want from the room. Try to find the right balance between the bright white and moody black tones.


These are your browns and grays, and they’re often easy to pair up with any color as well. These colors work great on regular cabinets and pre-assembled cabinets because the color blends in without taking the spotlight from other features.

Keep in mind the overall tone of those neutrals. Some are warmer while others are cooler. Match warm tones with pops of red or pink, but match cooler tones with blues and greens.


What to do when there is a lot of blue featured in your kitchen, but you don’t want to pair it up with classic black or white cabinets? Go for an unconventional pop of contrast with a little orange or yellow. These contrasting colors bring out the vibrancy of blue and look beautiful in the process.

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When in doubt, blue always looks great next to greens and purples.


Reds are such a passionate color that makes everything feel exciting. If you opt to have red featured in your kitchen cabinets, it’ll make every meal feel like an adventure.

To mellow out the intensity of this color, stick with neutrals and blacks or whites to bring balance to the color scheme. If you want even more pizzazz and energy to your design, add a bit of pink or yellow in small accents throughout the kitchen.


With a kitchen full of yellows, you’ll feel a little brighter and happier walking into the room. Yellow pairs up nicely with browns, bringing out the natural undertones in the colors.

It also works well with purples, as these two are contrasting colors and bring out the best in both. Matching these two colors together makes every day feel like a breezy spring day.

Use Your Kitchen Cabinets to Complete a Beautiful Design

The cabinets are such a big part of your kitchen that they deserve a lot of extra focus. By finding the perfect color combination for your kitchen cabinets, you’re bringing your interior design full circle.

If you end up not liking the color, paint over it with something new until you find something that suits you and your home!

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