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How To Pick An Appropriate Hardwood Floor Stain Colour


Hardwood floor staining is worth considering, whether you’re deciding on a design or trying to change an existing floor. Although choosing a color can seem daunting, the steps below can make it easier.

What is staining?

As the name implies, staining hardwood floors involves applying a colourant to the floor. To ensure that the stain penetrates the wood properly, you will first need to sand it down. Then, you will be able to begin the process. A top coat is applied to protect the colour. This could be done to completely change the look of the wood or to simply enhance the colour. You can also cover up any stains or scratches.

This is because the stain is very strong and changes the floor’s tone. It is difficult to remove, so it is important that you are certain about the stain you select.

Do I need to stain my hardwood floor?

After you have understood the basics of hardwood timber floor staining, you can decide if this is the right option for you.

It is a good idea to stain hardwood floors that are common, such as walnut, oat or hickory. They are durable, affordable and can retain their colour. They are also high quality. They will eventually lighten with sunlight. After they’ve been around for some time, you can see the scratching. Staining will give them a richer color, which gives them a more luxurious feel.

However, hardwood floors made from cherry or ebony shouldn’t be stained. These woods are very expensive so you might avoid staining them. Because they are rich in colour, the stain may look more expensive than the wood. Every hardwood floor reacts differently to staining. Most hardwood floors are able to withstand staining. However, not all floors will withstand it. Because their fibers resist the stain’s properties, this is why they are not easy to stain. Maple, Birch, and pine are all good hardwood floors to avoid staining.

What Colours Should I Consider when Staining?

Scratched floors

It is worth considering darker colours if your hardwood floors are scratched or damaged. Because even after sanding, some visible marks or dents may remain. It may be impossible to sand a floor that is extremely damaged. If this is the case you will need to choose a darker colour than your current one. Jacobean and cocoa are great examples.

Light or dark

In general, lighter colors reflect more light and are therefore easier to see. You may want to use bright colours to create an airy, lively atmosphere. This is a classic example, with maple, natural and golden oak being the best. You may prefer a calmer, cooler atmosphere. Deeper colours are recommended when this is the case. These could include brown, walnut, and ebony.



The classic tones are the most popular hardwood floor stain colours. These colours are timeless and elegant, and they have been in style for many years. If you’re unsure which colour to choose, these traditional colours are the best. Because they are not too dark or too light, people tend to favor rich colours like cherry and medium brown. Birch is a good choice if you want to be lighter. However, it is important to protect your wood from scratches by applying a protective coating. Red mahogany is a good choice for a darker look.


The popularity of modern styles in hardwood floor stain colours is increasing. You should reflect the modern and dynamic spaces you live in by choosing a hardwood floor colour that matches these contemporary styles. Greys with cool tones are the most popular modern stains. Classic grey is a good example because it has the perfect balance of dark and light. You can also choose weathered or carbon grey if you prefer a darker tone.


People choose unusual or unique colours. This is not the best choice for stain colors that will be used in a temporary home or rented. However, it can be a good option if you love bolder colours. Jade is a lovely light green shade that will complement a home filled with plants and natural sunlight. Woodrose and cherry blossom are also available in shades that have a pink- or purple hue. They will definitely catch the eye of visitors!

The Interior Design of Your Home

The interior of your house is an important factor to consider. This includes your walls, furniture, and shapes. This will help you choose a colour that complements your home’s existing tone. If you have natural light and lots of space, choosing floors that reflect this light will brighten your room. You could also replicate the same tone of stain if you already have a particular shade of wallpaper.

There are many hardwood floor stain colors to choose from. After you have chosen your favorite colors, you can try them all until you find the right one.


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