How To Organise A Clothes Drawer

Organising my wardrobe and clothes drawers is so satisfying to to me, I know, I know, I need a life, right? But seriously, knowing how to organise a clothes drawer can streamline your life that bit more and give you more time to spend drinking gin. WIN.It’s almost a natural instinct just to fold clothes up and pile them into a drawer on top of each other, they’re in the right place, job’s a good’un. Big mistake. You end up having to lift everything up and search underneath to find the one item you are looking for and if you’re anything like me, nothing will end up back in the drawer, there will be clothes all over your bedroom for weeks and you’ll end up picking them all up and throwing them out the window in a fit of despair about three weeks after you first searched for the brown top with pink flowers.
This is my easy solution for organising a clothes drawer.

Fold your tops like this

until they look something like this, with a neat spine on the side (hopefully a bit neater than mine here)and then stack them sideways so you can see the the spine of all of your tops in one glance. I then organise mine into plain, striped, polka dot, floral and other patterns but you don’t have to be quite as anal as me. No more hunting underneath, you can see the entire contents of that drawer at a glance.These particular drawers are deep but not quite enough for another layer of clothes so I keep my detachable Peter Pan and lace collars at the back as they are easily reachable and are also next to the tops I tend to wear them with.Try and organise at least one drawer this way this week and make sure to get rid or anything that doesn’t fit as part of the 30 Day Declutter

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. Are you taking part in the 30 Day Declutter? If so don’t forget to use the Twitter hashtag #30DayDeclutter so you can let me and everyone else who is taking part know how you’re getting on.