How To Make Your Towels Fluffy Again

How To Make Your Towels Fluffy Again

Over time and with a battering from bodies, products and washing machines, towels can soon become a rough, sandpaper instrument of torture with the absorbency of well….something not very absorbent at all. You know if you go and look at the back of your washing powder or liquid it will have instructions including a recommended amount? Yup, disregard that – it will always be too much and that’s why your towels are in a no longer absorbent or nice to use. That recommended amount is not only too much for towels but clothes and everything else too, but that’s a whole other post. Here are some tips and tricks I’ve been sharing in the comments of various posts and across my Twitter feed since about!


How To Recharge Your Towels

First up if your towels are already in this state and totally unpleasant to use, you’ll need to do a recharge wash. This will strip the layers of product from the fibers and

– Pop your towels in the washing machine (do not overload) adding 2 cups (I quite literally use a vintage tea cup as my measurement method of choice) of white vinegar to the drum and 2 tbsp to the fabric softener slot and wash at 90. Do not use detergent of any kind.

– Immediately wash again at 90 with 1 cup of bicarbonate of soda in the powder slot. Do not use detergent of any kind.

Edit – Dry outside ideally on a windy day or if you have the cash to spare use a dryer with a tennis ball popped into the drum.

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One of my friends swears by ironing her towels so they are nice and warm then spraying with vinegar before giving them a revitalizing hot wash. I have to admit I haven’t tried this because I can’t bothered with extra ironing.

How To Regular Wash Your Towels

Continuing forward, to retain or increase fluffiness and absorbency, wash towels in the following way and they’ll last longer and perform better:

– Wash towels together, not with other items.
– Use only half the recommended amount of detergent.
– Add two tablespoons of white vinegar to the drum.
– Add 1tbsp of white vinegar to the fabric softener slot.
– Wash at 60 or above. I know there is a bit of a hoo ha about washing at 30 (and I support lower temperatures for a lot of washes) however I find when towels are washed on lower temperatures they end up with that revolting wet towel smell very quickly and require washing much more often. 75% of the time I wash towels at 90.
– Never use fabric softener when washing towels.
– When drying towels in a machine pop a couple of clean tennis balls in the drum. And as I mentioned here there are washing machine balls too!
– Drying towels outside is the best possible option for retaining freshness – although the weather isn’t always on our side, is it?

You may find the recharge wash doesn’t take them straight back to their brand new and fluffy state however it is will allow your regular washes to change things over the course of a few washes. Enjoy!