How To Make Extra Money For Christmas

How To Make Extra Money For Christmas

If you’re a bit cash strapped and would like some extra coppers in your coin purse then check out how you can make, or even rake back some extra money in the run-up to Christmas.

Take Advantage of Loyalty Cards

If you have a loyalty card chock-a-block full with points put it to use! Make sure you take advantage of those points and use them wisely. Log into all of your online accounts for your loyalty cards and check exactly how many points are in each account and what that actually equates to. Now check for any festive or seasonal deals – for instance, are currently running Clubcard Boost which doubles points across various departments (check out my


These are normally the kinds of sites I avoid but I’ve had decent success with iPoll. Basically their website is a typical survey site and you can make small amounts of money through it. However, they have an app that gives you far more opportunities to earn. They set you ‘missions’ to complete which can range from recording your thoughts on a set topic or buying a specific item and getting far greater the amount of money in return. I actually learned about iPoll through another survey site a few months back and since then I’ve made a nice little bit of cash for not very much effort at all. Oh and I’m loving this in-depth review over on.

eBay Loyalty Cards

Sell your unwanted crap on eBay, it’s amazing what people will buy. Now’s the time that people are searching for festive items an using seasonal search terms so take full advantage of that fact. Last year I put together a  and it’s still true today. Play up the fact you’re selling at Christmas – don’t just call a dress a ‘black dress’ throw in the words ‘Christmas’ ‘party’ or ‘festive’ and you’re hitting a whole other section of the audience. Oh and if the faff of sitting down and uploading to eBay through your computer puts you off then use the app on your phone! I absolutely love it for the sheer convenience of taking the photo there and then and popping in a description to go with it in just a few minutes.

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If you’re not using a cash back site of some kind I could happily ding you on the head. Use one petal, use one! How does it work? Basically instead of purchasing directly through the company website, click through from the cashback website and you are paid for doing so. Have a play around with a few and check out the communities surrounding them as they are quick to point out great deals. We’ve had a lot of money back when buying things such as insurance or when checking in via our mobiles at various stores.

Digital Decluttering

If you’re like us here at Thrifty Towers who now access most of our music and films via the internet or cloud etc. then you might be thinking about getting rid of some of your CDs and DVDs. There are numerous ways to do this from selling on eBay or Amazon, taking them to a second hand/cash exchange shop on the high street or any number of online CD buyers. I’ve tried a few different websites for this type of service with varying degrees of success – I have never made a huge amount of money from these websites however I hadn’t used the CDs in over a decade so gaining 50p back wasn’t a problem.

The websites I’ve tried:

 Music Magpie

 Discogs – I’ve had the most success on here as it is selling within a community rather than to a company.

 We Buy DVDs

 CDs Wanted

Now not all of these will have the money ready in time for Christmas (the waiting periods can be up to 90 days for first payment with some of these schemes), however they’ll certainly help out in the early months of 2014.