How To Make A Pom Pom – Easy Tutorial

How To Make A Pom Pom – Easy Tutorial

Bonjour your face. How are you getting on? Here at A Thrifty Mrs HQ, or Thrifty Towers as it is more commonly known, we are full in the swing of Christmas prep. Making, baking and wrapping are now daily occurrences. Every Christmas I love to make tiny little pom, poms for hat to adorn gifts or on the tree but this year I decided to go for it and make huge pom poms to fill bowls and just because I damn well felt like it.

What you will need:

– A ball of wool
– Thread in a complementary colour – I’m using black here so it will show up in photographs
– Fabric scissors


1. Wrap some thread around the ball of wool, flip the ball over and tie it tightly in the middle. You may need to wrap the thread around a few times, especially if your yarn is particularly bouncy.

2. Tie a firm knot so the ball of wool forms a figure 8 type shape and trim any excess thread.

3. Find the vague centre of the top portion and hold open with your fingers.

4. Chop through the loops roughly, working round, with your fabric scissors.

5. Do the same on the bottom half. At this stage it will look a real mess but worry ye not.

6. Even up the strands by cutting into the shaggy mess. You can just even it up a little for a shaggier pom pom or chop off more and more so the ball becomes denser and more of a traditional, fuzzy rather than shaggy pom pom. I prefer something a little bit inbetween.
I really love how this jumbo wool has made it look sheep-esque.

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Just a couple of quick notes

I pick up cheap yarn in charity shops (often huge bags full for £1) or even in cheap shops like Aldi, Lidl and the pound shops. This jumbo ball of wool set me back 25p in a hospice shop.

This probably looks more traditionally pom-pom-ish with non chunky wool but I like to work with what I can find on the cheap or what I already have at home. Give it a go with what you already have.