How to Know Your Bathroom Plumbing Needs a Fix?

How to Know Your Bathroom Plumbing Needs a Fix?

Your bathroom could be flaunting an expensive piece of décor, exotic tiles and flooring. However, a simple leakage in the faucet or the pipes can lead to a substantial disaster. You ought to know that your bathroom has a lot to deal with, right from showers to flushes. So, you need to be extra attentive when it comes to bathroom plumbing at timely intervals. 

If you maintain your bathroom regularly and take reasonable care of the same, then no worries! Your bathroom will have the least number of complaints. Are you wondering how you will able to figure out whether your bathroom plumbing needs repairs or extra care? Well, worry not, as we have this article for you with the common signs of bathroom plumbing that need immediate attention and care. So, let’s begin.

How To Plumb A Bathroom

  • The knocking sound from the pipes 

If you hear a constant knocking sound when having a shower or running a sink tap, then there is surely a problem in the pipes. We won’t go into further detail as it might sound highly technical stuff to you. All you need to do is instantly call a local plumber and go it repaired. The professional plumber will explain to you what is needed to be done. 

  • The water flow is low or unsteady 

If there is low water pressure from a specific tap, or if there is no water running out, then there might be some clogging problem in the faucet or that shower. Contact a professional plumber and get it examined and repaired as well. Apart from clogging, there could be other reasons for low water pressure such as leakage in the pipe or damaged heating appliance. 

  • Constant dripping from a faucet or shower 

This is a common concern faced by house owners. Surprisingly, many of the house owners ignore this problem and continue with tap usage since it is normally working otherwise. Even slow water dripping is a big problem. Several reasons are responsible for this concern, and you have to get the complete problem fixed by calling a professional plumber. It is irritating to have a dripping tap at home, and it leads to water wastage. The most important thing is that it can damage the bathroom plumbing if leaking tap repairs are not done. 

  • Change in the ‘water colour’

The water running from the faucet or shower must be crystal clear. If it has a weird colour, then probably there is improper air pressure in the pipes, or there is a collection of rust or grime in the same. It could also be corrosion of the old pipes. Calling a plumber is inevitable in this case, and you might have to take a drastic step of altering the pipes. But if this problem is not addressed, then it might cause health risks to you and your family members. So, initiate action immediately. 

  • Under the sink leakages 

It is difficult to notice a leakage under the sink, and so, it often remains neglected. If you are someone into regular maintenance, then make a ritual of checking the pipes. Or if you are not able to find out the real cause of your most damaging leakage, then bend beneath the sink. 

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It could also be an issue in the sink drainage which needs immediate repairs. If the under-the-sink area is crowded with a vanity or storage unit, then de-clutter it or remove it for a while. You will be amazed at what could be resulting in tap leakages. 

  • Examine your water meter

In case there is no visible proof of tap leakages, then analysing the water meter is the best way to figure out leakages. This is a perfect way for house owners who are not actively living in the house. You will notice a major increase in your water bill if there are leakages in your house taps despite your house being locked. 

  • Flush problems

Majority of the households have leaking flushes, and they are not aware of the same. Check the same and get it fixed. 

So, it is essential to understand whether your bathroom plumbing requires repairs. Set a maintenance routine to avoid chaos in the future.