How To Keep Spiders Away

How To Keep Spiders Away

I can’t even begin to tell you how scared I am of spiders and living in a basement flat means we were over run by them when we first moved in. A few of these tactics have helped keep spiders away (I know they get rid of other bugs but my need for sleep is greater than that) for the most part.

How to Spider Proof Your House

1. Keep clutter at bay. Put washing and ironing away as soon as possible to stop spiders finding home in folded piles. Give everything a place and put it back in that place.

2. Make sure all food (both yours and pet) is well covered. These attract flies which in turn attract spiders.

3. Keep your garden looking spic and span. Store pots, tins and wood away from your house. Remove cobwebs and then brush paths with hot water, borax and a stiff brush.

4. Rub lemon peel around door frames – inside and out. Apparently spiders aren’t too fond of this for one reason or another.

5. Make sure your house is well dusted on a regular basis, don’t give spiders the time or privacy to set up home.

6. Gather conkers and line them around the exterior and interior walls of your house (when doing it inside check them once every couple of weeks just to make sure they don’t rot).

7. Burn cinnamon oil in an oil burner.

8. Put one part coconut oil to 2 parts white vinegar into a spray bottle and spray around common spider entry points.

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