How to find an Airbnb Cleaning Service

How to find an Airbnb Cleaning Service

It is crucial to find the best Airbnb cleaning service for your short term rental. This will help you get positive reviews from guests and become an Airbnb superhost. We’ll be discussing why you should hire an Airbnb cleaning company, how to choose the right service for your property, and which questions to ask your cleaners. We will then discuss how to automate communication to your cleaners so you don’t miss a cleaning.

Why is an Airbnb cleaning service necessary?

While Airbnb rentals are quickly replacing hotel rooms, guests still expect hotel-quality cleanliness. Airbnb will punish accounts with low cleanliness ratings. You must provide an exceptional experience for your guests that leaves them raving about the cleanliness of your property in their guest reviews to achieve superhost status. There is an easy, inexpensive, and automated way for you to maintain your Airbnb shining: Hire an Airbnb cleaning crew.

What cleaning services should a crew offer?

The basic requirements for an Airbnb cleaning crew

Many hosts don’t have the energy or time to manage the property and clean it. Hosts can automate their Airbnb cleaning service to get maximum results and minimal effort.

These essentials should be included in all Airbnb cleaning services:

  • All the beds should be made
  • Clean up and put away all dishes
  • Thorough cleaning of all toilets, showers and bathtubs
  • All trash and recyclables must be disposed of
  • Vacuuming, mopping and sweep
  • Cleaning up counters and other high-touch services like door handles and light switches

Additional services you should consider

These are the minimum services that a cleaning crew should offer. You want your Airbnb property to be more than that. Look for cleaning services that include these extra services as part of their flat rate, or as an add-on package.

  • Deep cleaning: Usually, a cleaning crew cleans the entire property once a month. This includes all “hard to reach places”.
  • Laundry service:¬†Providing a laundry service will ensure that there are always fresh sheets for every bed.
  • Assistance with property damage:if crew members notice damage to property, they will inform the host, take photographs, and possibly create a temporary solution. Your cleaning crew should take photos of every guest’s space.
  • Report inventory:hosts can often provide cleaning materials and lose track of what’s left. If inventory is low, a cleaning crew may agree to notify the host.

How can I locate an Airbnb cleaning service?

Two options are available when you hire an Airbnb maid: an Airbnb professional manager service or an Airbnb personal maid. Personal maids offer a more personalized experience as they will be trained by you to understand your property. You are dependent on one person, which can make it difficult for them to be sick or go on vacation. Although it is more cost-effective, a property management company will be able to provide reliable scheduling and high-quality service. Regardless of which route you choose, these are trusted sites that will help you find the best Airbnb cleaning service for your property.

  • Airtasker
  • Angie’s List
  • Yelp
  • Handy
  • HomeAdvisor
  • Thumbtack
  • TurnoverBnB

How do I find out if an Airbnb cleaner is available for hire?

It is important to communicate your needs to a potential cleaning company to establish a solid partnership. This will allow you to set expectations and manage them. These are the questions to ask when interviewing cleaning crew services:

  • What are your notice times and scheduling requirements for cleaning crews?
  • It is important to choose a service that is well-organized and has a solid scheduling system. It can be very frustrating to have a cleaning crew that doesn’t show up when guests check in, especially if you use self-check-in. You should automate communication with your cleaning team and know how you can reach them in an emergency.
  • Have you had any experience cleaning short-term rentals in the past?
  • Last-minute bookings are common in the short-term rental market. It is important to find out if the cleaning crew is comfortable in this type of environment, and if they can adapt to guest bookings last minute.
  • What’s the turnaround time?
  • It is a good rule of thumb to estimate that a cleaning crew should spend 90 minutes cleaning a three-bedroom home between guest bookings.
  • Who will supply the cleaning supplies?
  • Hosts will generally purchase bulk cleaning supplies and keep them locked in a closet for their cleaning crew.
  • Are employees screened?
  • The crew has access to both your personal property and your guests’. It is important to be sure that crew members are trustworthy and have been thoroughly vetted.
  • Do you want to pay a flat rate or an hourly fee?
  • It is easier to budget for a flat-fee company as a host. It is easier to budget for a flat fee than adding additional services like deep cleans or linen washes. Industry standards dictate that a visit to a one-bedroom home should not exceed $150, which does not include linen washing costs.

How to automate Airbnb’s cleaning service

HostTools makes it easy to manage your Airbnb cleaning service. You can use our messaging rules tool to notify your cleaner via text or email whenever you receive a new booking. Also, automatic reminders will be sent for the day of a scheduled clean.

It’s a good idea to create a turnover calendar if you manage multiple properties. This will allow you to keep track of who is cleaning what between listings. You can share a turnover calendar link with your cleaners and other service personnel. Anyone can view the calendar by clicking on the link. It does not require you to sign in.

Two views can be seen in a turnover calendar: the list view and the calendar view. The calendar view displays at a glance which listings have check outs on which days. You can view more details in the list view. It displays the length of the stay, the number of guests and the name of the next guest. It also indicates when the next check in is. This information is useful if the cleaners send a message to next guests or give a different number towels depending on how many guests are staying. It’s important for cleaners to find out if they are doing a same-day clean or if there’s a gap between bookings. This will help them decide if it’s a good time to deep clean.

Click on the cleaning to see all details. A pop-up window will open once you click on the turnover. It will contain all details from the list view.

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