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Tips to Choose the Perfect Bathroom Tile

Your bathroom is the most used room in your home. It is essential to make your bathroom a relaxing space you can enjoy using as you get up in the morning or before bed. Choosing the right bathroom tiling in auckland is the most critical step in designing your bathroom. It can be overwhelming, and getting lost in the maze of options, and research is easy. These are some essential tips to help you choose the right bathroom tile.

You can set your budget.

Your budget is the first step in any tile flooring project. This will eliminate too expensive tiles and limit your choices for bathroom tile flooring. You should set a budget for the renovation or design of your bathroom. This will help you determine how much money you have allocated to bathroom tiles.

When designing a bathroom, money can cause stress. Set your boundaries and stick to them. This will avoid unnecessary frustration. Your budget should be communicated to your sales representative or contractor. They must respect it. They should show you only options within your budget to make the process easier.

Choose Your Colors

There are many options for bathroom tile. It would help if you had a visual idea of how you want the finished project to look. Although you don’t need to know precisely what tile it is, choosing a color scheme can be an excellent place to start.

You can search the internet for inspiration if you need help deciding what colors to use in your bathroom tile flooring. You can browse examples of bathroom tile flooring on Pinterest or visit showrooms. Or you can hire the expertise of Westside Tile and Stone’s designers. You can combine styles and choose the colors that best suit your style.

Understanding the effects of size

Tiles come in many sizes, just like colors. There are many sizes available for tile flooring, from small tiles measuring just one square inch to large tiles that can measure several feet in width. The size of the tile can significantly impact the appearance and feel of your bathroom. Large tiles are best if you have a small space. Large tiles can open up a room and make it feel more spacious. You can make your area seem larger by not having to grout as many lines between large tiles.

You can create interesting patterns with smaller tiles if you find one you like. You can add interest to your bathroom by combining smaller tiles with more extensive options.

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Limit Your Tile Types

Six different tile types may appeal to you, and you can use them all in your space. You should know that only a few bathroom tile flooring options can create a chaotic and cluttered bathroom. This is especially true in smaller areas, where the different styles and colors compete for attention.

It is a good rule of thumb to use only three tile types. Combining multiple bathroom tiles is possible and still achieves a cohesive look. However, using more than one type of tile flooring in your bathroom can make it feel exciting and varied.

Choose Your Accents

When choosing a tile for your bathroom, consider whether you have an accent piece. You might have a selection of artwork or furniture that coordinates with your flooring for a cohesive look. Your tile flooring can also be used as an accent.

People may include an accent wall in their bathroom design using a different tile type to draw attention to one area. You can also make “rugs” from the tile by using different tile types in front of your shower or sinks. You can choose your accent piece. Remember that one accent piece can be enough to decorate a small space, such as a bathroom.

Maintain a healthy attitude towards cleaning and maintenance

You will need to clean any bathroom tile that you choose. Porcelain or ceramic tiles can be used in wet areas. They are more manageable. Stone tiles are more difficult to clean, so they are best used in places with less water.

Keep in mind that grout is an integral part of cleaning and maintenance. Grout cleaning is more difficult for smaller tiles. However, tiles with a more extraordinary texture or grout might help to prevent slippage.

Choose the overall feel.

What do you want to experience every time you enter your bathroom? You can have a dramatic impact on how the room looks and feels. Natural stone tiles have a rustic appeal and unique charm. Glass tile flooring in cool colors can give your bathroom a spa-like feeling. Subway tiles in neutral colors and modern styles are trendy.

Westside Tile and Stone will help you choose the right bathroom tile. Our Bathroom Tile Store experts understand the importance of tile flooring to the overall design and appearance of your bathroom. Our range of bathroom tiles comes in many styles, colors, and textures. A professional designer will guide you through the selection process of tiles and help you design your bathroom exactly as you imagined it.


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