How To Design And Style Your Work Space On A Budget

How To Design And Style Your Work Space On A Budget

Hello! I’m Natalie the owner of Rose and Water Vintage and a mature student here in Manchester. My husband, dog and I recently moved into a new place, and one of the great things about our new apartment is that there was enough room for me to have my own work space, for the first time ever. (yay!) When I returned to university last year, I discovered how essential it is to have a space where you can be creative and do all of your studying and coursework. I wanted to make this space my own, without spending too much, as we’re essentially living from one income. The first thing I did was to seek out inspiration to get my creative juices going. Design blogs, home décor books and Pinterest are good sources to get ideas for designing spaces.  Getting an idea of what you want the space to look like can make it easier to seek out the pieces you’re after at the price that you want to spend.

Once I found my table and chair from Gumtree (desk £10 and chair £5) the rest was gravy! I found my vintage chevron stripe rug from a carboot sale for £2. The rest of the bits on my desk are all from charity shops, auction sites, and carboot sales and nothing cost more than £7 at the most and .50p at the least.  It was a terrific experience getting all of the pieces together to make my own space, and I couldn’t be any happier with the result. I could have spent a fortune on everything (rugs alone can cost £300 plus!), but keeping a design aesthetic and a budget in mind definitely helped to execute the design I wanted.

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Office Decorating Ideas

–          Get inspiration from free sources such as Pinterest and blogs to come up with a design that suits you.

–          Set a budget and stick to it!

–          Use websites such as Freecycle and the Gumtree to find furniture for a nice thrifty price.

–          Go to charity shops and carboot sales to find pieces that will make your space chic!

–      Rummage through friend’s and family’s attics and garages to see if they’re happy to give away anything they’re not using.

A huge thank you to Natalie for sharing her beautiful home (and pooch!) you can find her amazing shop here, her Pinterest here and her Twitter here.

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