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How To Decorate Window Treatments


When it comes to decorating your home, window coverings can serve two different purposes — either to hold a room together or to establish the tone of a room. The option you choose depends on whether you have already decorated the remaining parts of your room. For instance, if you want the drapes to be the focal point of the room, choose some that reflect the atmosphere and colors you desire. Hence, if you want a bright, airy room, pick window coverings made from soft colors and lightweight fabric. This will allow plenty of natural light in, whilst still affording you privacy. A mixture of a light sheer and a dense block out fabric works well for this. Or, if you prefer a cozy, warm ambiance, search for heavy, plush fabrics in rich colors and get a pelmet fitted to complete the look.

Decorate Window With Curtains

Nonetheless, if you wish to use your curtains to hold the room together, examine the textures and colors you are using already. Thus, if red is the dominant color in your room, matching red curtains will allow the space to appear more finished and polished overall. If neutral colors are used for the primary elements (flooring, furniture, etc.), turn to the accessories for inspiration for the drapes. Do not use neutral window coverings with neutral colors; otherwise, you risk making the room look drab and mundane. Add drama to an existing room, by using drapes with deeper shades than the colors used in the rest of the room. You should consider using patterned drapes as well. Often, these are ideal for incorporating visual interest or a sense of fun into a room that desperately requires it.

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Window Treatment Ideas

The Great Thing About Curtains Is That They Are Not Just Restricted For Use On Windows – They can be used in many other ways as well. This is excellent if you locate a pair of drapes or a pattern that you adore but is not quite suitable for the windows. Here are a few recommended alternative uses for window coverings:

Bookshelf Decoration –

Spruce your bookshelves up by using drapes as doors, or as lining for the backs of the shelves. With this latter option, you will see the material poking out from behind the ornaments and books.

Make Valances –

If you are tired of mundane bed valances, be creative and utilize your drapes as valances. Choose ones that correspond with the coverings you already have on your window, or pick ones that go well with your bedding.

For Artistic Purposes –

Some curtain materials are simply beautiful, which makes them ideal for displaying canvas style (over a wooden frame). Or, you could use curtain material as photo matting to produce a unique effect.

For Upholstery and Cushions –

For optimum coordination, make some cushions out of your curtain fabric. Use these cushions in your main living room, and then use the leftover material on an ottoman or armchair. This will give your living room a distinctive appearance that no other home will have.


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