How To Clean Your Hairbrush

How To Clean Your Hairbrush

I’m always surprised by the amount of very clean women who take pride in their appearance but still somehow, manage to have filthy, grubby Wooden hair brushes. I know it isn’t a huge, big thing in the grand scheme of life but a dirty hair brush gives me the shudders, especially when you consider how many of them are just tossed onto beds, in bags and on bathroom counters. It was really hard for me not clean out my brush for a week or so in order to take these photos so can I get applause for my temporary slattern ways?


The number one thing when it comes to keeping your hair brush nice and clean is just to lift out any hair after every use, that way it doesn’t become a big deal as it tends to if you leave it a long time. I clean my brush with option one every week and option 2 (both below) at the end of each month.

OPTION 1 – Weekly hair brush clean

What you will need

– Warm running water
– An old toothbrush
– A towel
– Mild shampoo or makeup brush cleaner

1. Remove any hair.
2.  Wet the brush with warm water and pour on the teeniest little drop of shampoo (I use baby shampoo for this purpose) onto the brush.
3. Give it a gentle scrub with an old (clean) toothbrush.
4. Rinse well under the warm tap.
5. Pat against a towel to dry off and allow to fully air dry.

OPTION 2 – Monthly/very dirty hairbrush clean

What you will need 

As above with the addition of
– Cocktail sticks/toothpicks/whatever the hell you want to call them
– Scissors
– Tea tree oil

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1. Remove any hair, if it is very tangled it may be best to use scissors. Be careful not to cut the brush in any way.
2. Follow steps 2&3 from above then –
3. Use a cocktail stick to run between the bristles and prongs paying special care to the base where any fluff may collect.
4. Run the wet toothbrush back through the brush again to pick up any last remnants of fluff or grime.
5. Rinse under a warm tap.
6. Fill a sink with warm water and 10-12 drops of tea tree oil, allow the brush to soak in this for a max of 20 mins.
7. Rinse and dry thoroughly.
8.If your hair brushes are looking a little worse for the wear, soak them in warm water with a few dryer sheets.
9.You can also use the vinger and detergents for cleaning the plastic Hairbrushes