:: How to clean vintage linens :: Lemony washing

:: How to clean vintage linens :: Lemony washing

I can’t turn down a bargain. I just can’t, in fact I’d go as far as to say it’s a physical impossibility for me to turn down a bargain. So, when I came across an old suitcase filled with vintage linen tablecloths at a bootsale, priced at just £3 it was coming home with me. It didn’t matter that the tablecloths were covered in stains, they were coming home with me. Que Mr Thrifty rolling his eyes.

I waited and waited and waited and then waited a little longer until we had a dry and sunny day. And I set about washing those tablecloths (and the other drawer full that was sitting around in desperate need of stain removal) and hopefully getting some of the stains and dust out. There were some ugly, ground in tea stains that looked a scary task to remove.

What I used per medium sized tablecloth :-
 1 bucket of hot water
Juice of one large lemon (I used lemons that were on the turn)
2 tsp of soap flakes
A dry sunny day

What I did :-
I filled a bucket with v hot water and the juice of a lemon plus 1 tsp of soap flakes and plunged the tablecloth in. I then swirled the tablecloth around to distribute the lemon juice and soap over the fabric evenly. Then allowed the tablecloth to soak for 30 – 45 mins. After soaking it I spot cleaned any stains that are very obvious with the leftover lemon flesh. I then added a further tsp of soap flakes and handwashed in the lemon juiced water as you normally would your handwashing. Rinsed thoroughly under cold water and hung in an obviously sunny place until sunset. Ah the sun and it’s magic bleaching properties! And hurrah all but the smallest and toughest of stains are long gone and I can use these beautiful, salvaged linens around my house.

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P.S. Make sure you knock any lemon pips off the tablecloths whilst they’re still wet otherwise they’ll get stuck on and you’ll have to peel them off which could ruin the fabric or embroidery. P.P.S As with any cleaning recipe please spot test if you think that this method may adversely effect your item.