How to Choose Rug Texture, Color and Size

How to Choose Rug Texture, Color and Size

Normally, when we think of adding value to our home, we think of the large renovation projects. Fuelled by popular programs on home makeovers from both the UK and across the globe, it seems that people have become slightly fixated on converting the loft or installing luxury bathrooms. Interior design can give you the edge when it comes to selling your property, increase its value both in money and in visual appeal, making your home stand out against its nearest priced competitors. If you are thinking of selling your home, adding value with carefully executed interior design, including the clever use of rugs, will make your home hot property.

Here We Offer 3 Simple, Yet Effective Ideas:

Bedroom Rug Ideas

Not everyone lives in a home, with sweeping staircases and barn-sized bedrooms. Decorating and accessorizing small spaces like the bedroom is difficult. Start this process by asking what do people want from a bedroom? Usually, a place to relax after a busy day, falling into a restful sleep, waking to a room that is gentle on the sense, rather than an onslaught of clutter, feeling shoe-horned into a tiny space. Hence, people look for a feel and look of luxury, sumptuousness, and relaxation. And nothing says this better than the floor you place your bare feet on. On one hand, wall to wall carpet has its place in the bedroom; hard floors from exposed and varnished floorboards to high-quality laminate is all well and good but what about a cold winter’s morning? Because the bedroom tends to have less footfall traffic and less hard feet pounding it, you can afford as part of your interior design scheme for opting for rugs that really are light and fluffy. Delightful to touch and even more of a pleasure to walks on, rugs with a loose pile can create the look and feel that many of us want in a bedroom. Along with all your other improvements, a perfectly accessorized bedroom is perfect for adding value.

Living Room Area Rugs

  • A very important area of any home; the lynchpin of the family, the place where squabble happen and peace is restored. The living space within a home is essential. But in the living room, when it comes to interior design, people make one very common mistake – too much colour.
  • There is colour on the walls, colors in the curtains, scatter cushions adding more colour and then rugs adding more, it can seem like an overpowering rainbow, too busy and too much.
  • Not only is de- Cluttering essential of various items to give the feel of minimalist and contemporary, taking a long hard look at the colors in the living room is essential. With rugs,
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How to Choose Rug Color and Size

Hard Coloured Walls Need Neutral Rugs – Great if the muddy paw prints can be wiped away quickly and easily, so take care choosing light-colored or neutral floor coverings.

Neutral Walls, Coloured Rugs – But, on the other hand, a room in beige might look drab and uninviting. The odd splash of colour might be needed; rugs can be blocked colored or you can opt for some great contemporary patterned rugs too. Get the cushions and other soft furnishings working in with your rug and – hey presto! – you have a living room that is bright and interesting!

Modern Carpet and Rug Trends

Call it what you will – the library, the best room or whatever – one way of adding value with interior design is to show that your home is one that can adapt and flex to fit with different styles of living. One aspect of interior design that can do this is vintage or the adding of classic designs, colors, and patterns to a room that highlights the flexibility within a home. Rugs, of course, have been around for years… decades… centuries in fact. Before wall-to-wall carpets became the popular choice, rugs were made to the highest quality and usually to order. Before the advent of electricity and the vacuum, housewives across the world would beat their rugs, either over the washing line or the wall, with a rug beater to loosen the ingrained dirt. These rugs were of high quality, beautifully made with exquisite patterns than seem to last forever. Modern rugs can emulate these early examples, in both design, style, color and pattern but vacuumed rather than beaten. Creating a haven of peace and tranquillity on your other room, with a classic looking rug and complement décor, will be a head-turner.